Wednesday, December 17, 2008

James Brown Tribute Party!

Im super excited about this party. I did the first one right after James passed away and the turnout was bananas, that was almost 2 years ago. I honestly vowed never to do another one because I wanted the memory of that one to last forever but last week my man Lancealot called me up and said that it was time to do another one. But in addition to me spinning all the funky goodness this time Im bringing the Hot Peas & Butta band with me, Big Pimp Jones to lend a hand with playing some funky tunes!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Last Saturday @ The Go Off! NYC

Yo B, all I can say is that last Saturday night at The Go Off in NYC was insane! The spot was once again packed to the rim with sexy high heeled beauties down to the fly "I rock the flyest Dunks collectors". Diversity, thats what I love about this party because everyone gets down with everyone, theres no "Im in the cool crowd" and your not attitude going on here. As always Unkle Chip, Sickroc and myself took it there with the music, I dont know how you guys can stand being in soaked in sweet for 6 hours but we appreciate it!!! See you next month, as always the 2nd Saturday!

We cater to the ladies!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cope 2 "Undisputed"!!!

Been trying to get involved with the gallery scene for a minute, so what better way to jump off then being involved with the legendary one himself, Cope 2!!! Cope is doing his 40th Birthday / Solo Exhibition at Alphabeta in Brooklyn and I'll be rockin' the 1's and 2's for the occasion! Kings Destroy all day everyday!

Monday, December 8, 2008

New $2 Flow Show!

New episode of "The $2 Flow Show" over at Still hittin you with the Hip Hop goodness.

Check it out!! New December flavors in the store too!! Don't Sleep!! We coming hard body in ' on the watch!! Get with the program!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Money makin' Manhattan next week!

As always you know what both these parties are hitting for!

This is for those people that want to chill out and be social! In other words, Grown Shit! Afterwork and all night long.

No Dress Code, No cover!

This party needs no introduction, "The Go Off" is New York City at its finest.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is why I fucks with EPMD!

Not just the fact that after all these years Erick and Parrish are still making $'s but that fact that when see these dudes that always look like crew. They always rock the matching gear, fisherman hats etc., thats crew shit. Nobody looks like they play for the same team anymore!

Steppin it up....

Ok, so recently I made an investment (purchase if you will) in a finely tuned Mont Blanc pen, which is kinda of like the Rolls Royce of writing utenciles. Since I've been in different meetings with people as of late I felt that I needed something other than a Bic and a 3 ring binder so I had to cop it. Funny because I have a nice notepad which does the job but then I saw this nice piece which is a perfect compliment to breaking out the Mont Blanc.

Reviving their image with a fresh approach by Carminati Molina in 2000, Milanese brand Valextra holds a long history of producing top-quality leather goods since 1937. Putting their long-standing tradition to work, Valextra creates a leather notebook silhouette for Mens lifestyle magazine, Monocle. Their design effort features soft tan leather, inky green stitching and edges and a fine-lined notebook doubling up as a passport holder and packaged in a special black presentation box. They are now available via Monocle.

If your gonna be professional then be professional.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

DJ Dissection Tutorial (Teaser) ft some strange DJ

Here is a teaser for the DJ Dissection Tutorial that I will be releasing at the end of the week. It features DJ Skeme Richards from the legendary Rock Steady Crew.
Visit for more information. Brought to you by Milosz Media & Elife Films.

DJ Dissection Tutorial (Teaser) from Jerome White on Vimeo.