Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Steppin it up....

Ok, so recently I made an investment (purchase if you will) in a finely tuned Mont Blanc pen, which is kinda of like the Rolls Royce of writing utenciles. Since I've been in different meetings with people as of late I felt that I needed something other than a Bic and a 3 ring binder so I had to cop it. Funny because I have a nice notepad which does the job but then I saw this nice piece which is a perfect compliment to breaking out the Mont Blanc.

Reviving their image with a fresh approach by Carminati Molina in 2000, Milanese brand Valextra holds a long history of producing top-quality leather goods since 1937. Putting their long-standing tradition to work, Valextra creates a leather notebook silhouette for Mens lifestyle magazine, Monocle. Their design effort features soft tan leather, inky green stitching and edges and a fine-lined notebook doubling up as a passport holder and packaged in a special black presentation box. They are now available via Monocle.

If your gonna be professional then be professional.

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