Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Skeme In The Morning

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of making an appearance and DJ'ing on the Sway In The Morning show on Shade 45 while I was out in Las Vegas for the Red Bull BC One event.  It was an early morning show (waking up at 530am) for show time at 7am but it was well worth it.  The show was recorded live from Nas' sneaker store 12am Run and was filled with people even at 7am.  Great to talk shop with Sway and help promote for the BC One North America Finals.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shaolin Footwork Mastery

Those that know me know that two things that I love more than almost anything in this world is Hip Hop and most definitely classic Kung Fu flicks.  So when two of my brothers from separate mothers had the opportunity to visit a Shaolin temple to throw a few runs of footwork, I instantly bugged out with excitement!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Midnight Movie Cowboys 'Wild Style' Edition

This past Monday I had the pleasure of being a guest on the ever so popular Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast.  For those that have never heard of or tuned in to the series, it's based around three movie fanatics, John, Stu and Hunter that pick a topic or film and discuss it in-depth.  There's a lot of knowledge, laughs and other things to keep you tuned into the show.  The most recent episode that I was involved with was based around one of my favorite movies and definitely my favorite Hip Hop movie of all time, Wild Style.

Here's the episode for you to tune into which is also available on iTunes as well.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Live at Fresh 45's

Back in July I had the pleasure of heading to Dallas TX to DJ at the premier all 45's party called Fresh 45's with an incredible line up of resident DJ's.  They recorded my set for the rest of the world to hear, so I now present to you, Skeme Richards "Live at Fresh 45s".

36 Styles x Hot Peas & Butta

They say it's #WuWednesday but I rock fly Kung Fu shit everyday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

House of Paint Festival, Ottawa Canada

Super excited to be heading to Ottawa Canada next month for the House of Paint Festival.  There's a lot of things going during that time of the 4th-7th so I'm definitely trying to take in all of the culture.  See you soon Ottawa!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Funk Club 045 at IBE

This past weekend at IBE in Heerlen, The Netherlands, my brother Rob Manga and I had the honor of curating one of the tents for the weekends festivities.  Along with festival's organizers we came up with Funk Club 045 and we then placed in charge of handpicking the lineup of vinyl DJ specialists.  Everything from Afrobeat to Soul, Jazz to Hip Hop, Boogie to Funk and everything in between was played for a packed crowd while the sun was shining and a few diehards that decided to dance the day away while others took to the insides waiting for the storm to pass.  On behalf of the IBE festival organizers, Rob Manga and myself, we'd like to thank all of the DJ's that rocked with us as well as all of the attendees at the festival.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Seoul Korea Lecture / Q & A with Skeme Richards

My lecture / Discussion and Q & A at Hanyang University in Seoul Korea was an amazing 2 1/2 hours of exchange and discussion on not only my life beginning from early youth and growing up in the 70's, continuing on to the present, black culture, my inspirations and goals but also connecting it with Korean culture and how it's culture and similarities connect with Hip Hop.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Burger Quest: Johnny Brendas Philly

There are only a few people that I trust when it comes to me trying out a burger at a restaurant and those select few understand exactly what I'm looking for because they themselves are burger connoisseurs.  So when the homie Case Bloom told me that one of the best burgers was in my own back yard right in Philly at Johnny Brendas, I immediately set up a lunch meeting just so that I could have an excuse for an afternoon beer and burger.  Hands down this burger made my afternoon! If you're gonna do a burger in Philly there's plenty of options, but I highly recommend stopping here while on route.

Burger Quest: HandinHand Burger Seoul Korea

I'm still on my burger quest, so what else is new right?  The word while in Seoul Korea was that I needed to hit HandinHand Burger because it was the best.  After sitting down at the stool and taking a bite, I realized that this burger fits right in with some of the best ones that I've had anywhere in the world.  The quality of beef was flavorful, the bun was perfect and soaked up just the right amount of juice without making it fall apart.  I usually opt for the Korean BBQ when in Seoul but HandinHand Burger just might get me for 2-3 visits while Im there.

Philadelphia Beat Mission

I've traveled around the club and have met up with fellow record collectors off all sorts and they always take care of me with making sure that I meet the right dealers or go to the proper digging spots.  So when I found out that the Jurassic 5 homies, DJ Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist were coming to town I had to make sure they were taken care off.  It's been quite some time when people have hit Philly and there were actually spots to take them to but with the resurgence of stores opening up over the last few years, theres digging to be done.

Good Peoples of Seoul Korea

Had a great time in Seoul Korea this past week and had the opportunity to catch up with some friends, DJ at Rockin' Sensation vol. 7, Madholic with the Korean Assassins and of course my talk show / discussion and Q & A.

Foods: Seoul Korea

Great times in Seoul Korea this past week and you know that no trip is complete without Korean BBQ.    In addition to as much BBQ as I could possibly eat, there was also some very good Sushi and other Japanese dishes (which I would not have expected) while I was there which has become very popular in Korea.