Sunday, June 1, 2008

When Hollywood Goes Wrong

There's been this crazy trend over the last 10 years that seems to be running wild in Hollywood where they've seemed to loose all creativity when writing, creating scripts and filming. I personally am not one for all the remakes and shitty films that have come out lately but here are a few prime examples of when Hollywood goes wrong!

1. Speed Racer - Why won't Hollywood leave my childhood shit alone!? Why is it that they have to screw with everything that was good and turn into current pop shit which most of this generation would never understand? The studios really thought that this was going to be a hit, wrong!! And Im glad it flopped, just because you take something that was popular at one point and decide to make a flick out of it doesn't mean that it will be successful. Damn, can't America come up with its own ideas and concepts?

2. Forbidden Kingdom - What was Hollywood thinking when they made this movie? Jet Li and Jackie Chan in the same flick? Should've been the greatest thing since David Chiang and Ti Lung right, nada! What do Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Curse of The Golden Flower and Fearless all have in common? No American actors! Why was that kid in the movie?? Stop making movies and putting people and other things in it that have no connection to it. That kid was stupid, annoying and pointless, wasted time in filming instead of just making a dope martial arts flick with Li and Chan.

Summer blockbusters seem to be the big thing but they are all takes or remakes of other things, kinda like a guaranteed formula for making money. Make a blockbuster off of an original idea, then Im down but what happened to the creativity? Im not sure what the future holds with films such as GI Joe (another flick that should be left in cartoon mode)and The Incredible Hulk which looks pretty good compared to the last one but still, why should hollywood get a second chance and taking your money by coming out with a 2nd Hulk when they screwed up the first time??

Im knowhere near cheap but movie tickets cost too damn much to be banking on some wack remake!