Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Always on a quest!

Been searching for these joints since they dropped, definitely in my all-time top 5 pair of kicks. Havent had these since the 80's when the cost $75.00, the highest price kicks back in the day. Couldnt find them locally so I had to take a trip to Norway to grab'em!!

Rockin in Bergen, Norway!

Damn! I had a great ass time in Bergen, despite the off and on rain and a little nippy shit was bananas! Shouts to my man Stigg from bringing me out there to be apart of his event as well as rockin at this dope spot called "Silver". The people of Bergen really know how to party to the next level!

Rain days in Bergen, Norway

Soon as I arrived in Bergen, Norway I knew what it was hittin for....Rainy days and nippy temperatures, but damn to I love this life!!!

Passing storm, view from my hotel room

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last night @ The Go Off! New York City!

To everybody that came out last night to party with us, thank you!!! We had a great time and from the looks of things you ladies and gents did too! We'll see you again next month, as always the 2nd Saturday of the month! And just a heads up, we've got a new party going on starting Nov. 13 @ Identity Bar called "The Chill Out" and the names says it all! This is on some really chill sh*t, come out drink, dance and be social as we bless you with Classics, soul, r & b and other soulful gems.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Icon of Cool

When I think of Icons of cool there's two names that come to mind, first would be Sean Connery and second, Steve McQueen. Icons are becoming few and fewer as time goes on.

Unforgettable Steve McQueen is the definitive picture book on the legendary icon who starred in such movies as The Great Escape, The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt, and The Towering Inferno. He’s a legend not just because of the macho roles he played but because having been a juvenile delinquent, Marine, oilfield roughneck, lumberjack, producer, motorcycle racer, sports car driver, and Hollywood King of Cool. The sum of those things has created what is the Steve McQueen style. The book captures his life stories in photographs by Sid Avery, William Claxton, Raymond Depardon, Larry Kastendiek, and others, as well as vintage selections from various archives and featuring a foreword by Brad Pitt. Available now at Amazon, $37.80.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

James Bond x Jack White x Alicia Keys

Dope Quantum of Solace video, so f*ckin' Bond!

Halle Berry dubbed sexiest woman alive...

This months Esquire Magazine

GQ's Bond Girls on November Cover

I cant wait for the upcoming Bond Film "Quantum of Solace" to be released next month and it seems others cant either. While at London's Heathrow Airport I noticed Daniel Craig graced the cover of several magazines, one being GQ which also showcases their picks for Bond Girls. There's also a nice spread with the ladies on the inside.

Mini Anden

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pay ya damn dues!

For all you new cats that want to jump on Serato and spin beside "Official" cats, pay ya damn dues! Carry my crates, grab me a bottle of ginger ale and learn how to do soundcheck first! Nobody wants to take the slow road, everybody wants to get on top over night. This is a good lesson on how things used to be and still should be!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vinyl Toy Lovers

For all you guys and gals that collect Vinyl figures theres a new documentary out on dvd called "Toys are us" :A Revolution in vinyl. Just peeped it and its dope, talks to alot of the artists and designers in this genre. A must have if your a colletor!

Cell Phone Concepts

Japan is always on that next sh*t when it comes to their cell phone tech.

It's no surprise that the best designed and most advanced cell phone concepts are on display here at Ceatec in Japan, where mobile-phone culture is, for many, central to daily life.

This year, there are a bundle of elegant designs, some of which deconstruct the traditional cell phone form factor in very interesting ways. Take this Fujitsu design, whose screen and keyboard pulls apart to be used separately. It uses magnets to connect the two pieces in the desired configuration. NTT DoCoMo is demonstrating a similar concept.

Mark my words....Hustle Simmons is the sh*t!

For those that have been catchin me at the clubs spinnin shit off the new Hustle Simmons album you know what its hittin' for! Live from the 215 (Philly for those that dont know the deal). Cop that damn album.


The problem with water.

Ok, some people might think Im a little tossed in the head to do a blog on water but feel me out on this one. For as long as I can remember I've drank regular tap water at home and never had a problem with it (and still dont) because I live pretty close to the water plant that does the purification. I dont really trust it at everyone else's home because of rust in their pipes etc. But over the last oh I dont know 10 years give or take a few I've drank bottled water along with probably every other person in the world but I've noticed different tastes in different waters, why? Some taste better than others. After taking a trips to Finland and Switzerland I was told dont waste money on bottled water while out there because their water is probably the cleanest in the world, and they were correct. You cant taste a damn thing from the tap, it actually taste alot better than most of the bottled water. After talking to DJ Element this weekend we got into the water talk and he brought up the water in Japan and how clean it is versus bottled, it got me to thinking...Whats the big deal with bottled water? Now some people probably cant tell the difference between the two, just like they dont know the diff between dvd shown on a plasma versus dvd shown on an LCD.

Here's my top 3 list of bottled water that actually have a "true" fresh water taste.

1. Fiji
2. Evian
3. Malvern "The original English Water" (From London)

Not in any order.

Just something that was on my mind!

Funky Brixton!

Finally back from another insane weekend trip to the UK to do what I do best, rock the 1's and 2's (and occassionally get nice with mic device!) I'll keep this one short because I could go on for days about how funky Brixton is.

Friday night was all about rockin at my favorite spot with my cousin and resident Doctors Orders Chairman, DJ Spin Doctor and special guest DJ Stones Throw's James Pants. The night was definitely a dope mix for the people and yes, they really know how to party! Whenever I get the chance to set it off with Spin its always a great time, son knows just how to rock the crowd and set it up for me to do my thing. After leaving the spot at 4am it was back to the hotel for an 8:30am breakfast call, 9:30 nap and then a 2pm sound check for day 1 of the UK's largest Hip Hop event of all time, the 2008 Sony Ericsson UK Bboy Championships. After a long day and night of day one it was back to the hotel for a quick bite to eat and some rest. Sunday was no different, my man DJ Element gave me the wake up call at 8:30am for breakfast but was delayed because episode 2 of the UK Championships TV show was showing on Channel 4. What other country in the world can you go to that has a show dedicated to the art of Bboying? With location interviews from UK to Russia and all points in between, Hooch is the king and has mastered the art of taking the UK Champs to the next level! So after breakfast and a nap it was time for a 4pm soundcheck and the show must begin. But before I begin to rock the crowd its off to do a few TV interviews for MTV Europe and several other stations (only in Europe!) The Champs was bananas as usual, the energy of the crowd was on point as one would expect, the level of talent this year was just as amazing as ever.

Sunday night after the Champs its all about the afterparty at Plan B! This is the spot where your getting a dope mix of people drinking, dancing and having a crazy time to the best tunes on could ask for. Tonight I decided to take a hiatus from the tables and let my man Element be the selector but you know me, I gotta be in the mix some how and who else better to rock the mic right? Yeah you know, you heard it on the "$2 Soul Show" you heard it on the "FLOW Show", S to the K, E to the ME! Element and myself traded back and forth while he dropped the beats in and out I kept the people in tune to make sure that they were still ridin' with us.

After returning to the hotel at 4am there was very little time to pack my bags, take a quick shower and head downstairs for my driver to pick me up at 6am and off to Heathrow for my flight home. To quote my man Cros1...."Damn, that business class seating is looking real good right now" say word!

In between the hectic running around I still managed to fit in record and sneaker shopping!

Since London is so funky and gets it in heavy, be sure to check out the upcoming episode of the $2 Soul Show as I do my "Funky in Brixton" edition where I'll spin some choice cuts of Northern Soul, Funk, Reggae and other gems. www.djskemerichards.podomatic.com

5000 screaming people

They dont serve this at Mcdonalds in the states.

I love vending machines in London airport bathrooms!

Gotta rep my clothing sponsor...FLOW! www.simplyflow.com

Monday, October 6, 2008

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Flow x Skeme Richards!

Aight, so my peeps over at Flow have relaunched their site (www.simplyflow.com)and they've asked me to do a series of podcast for it. Some of you mabye familiar with my funk, soul, breaks and rare grooves show called "The $2 Soul Show" but this new series is titled "The $2 Flow Show"! This one is all about beats and rhymes. So be sure to check my peoples over at Flow for the fresh Tshirts and apparel to go with you fresh kicks! And get involved with the Flow community.


A Birthday Gift....Primer Magazine

Ok, so I dont usually make a big deal out of birthdays but yes, today is mine. But today I received a special gift, an email with my spread from a new magazine called "Primer", Im super excited about this!!!