Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easin' In (Doing Our Thang) 3 Year Anniversary Party

Next week I'm taking flight and landing in Houston to celebrate with my brother Flash Gordon Parks for his Easin' In (Doing Our Thang) 3 Year Anniversary party.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Grand Rapids Soul Club

This past Friday night I had the honor of DJ'ing at one of the most fun and official nights that caters to Funk, Soul and Modern Soul lovers, Grand Rapids Soul Club.  This was my first time visiting Grand Rapids and the hospitality that I received was great all across the board.  The day started with lunch at a great local restaurant where everything is made fresh, in house and from local ingredients. Everything on the menu was on point but I decided to go for the brisket with coleslaw on toasted rye. From there it was off to do a bit of digging, then sound check at the venue.  Pyramid Scheme is definitely a place that I would love to play more often and if I lived anywhere near Grand Rapids, it would definitely be a favorite hang out.  The sound system is on point, the beer selection and of course, the 25 or so pinball machines that are on display.  Once the doors opened and the night kicked off, it was smooth sailings from then on.  The crowd definitely understands and appreciates the music and it shows that the resident DJ's have done a great job of educating the audience and playing top choice cuts.

Grand Rapids Soul Club is definitely a party that I look forward to making a return visit to and one that I'm honored to add to it's lineup of guest DJ's.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Things I Love To Wake Up To As A DJ.

5 things I like to wake up to being a DJ.

1. The smell of bacon

2. Emails or regular mail from labels and artists sending me promos and exclusives before the others receive them.

3. Being able to review those exclusives on the Hot Peas & Butta site before other music news sources review them.

4. Traveling across the globe with those records and playing "breaking" them to audiences before other DJs.

5. Receiving emails and messages from people reminiscing about the first time they heard a song and it was played by me.

To me that is the ultimate DJ life and what DJs are supposed to, make and break records.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grand Rapids Soul Club

Next Friday night I'll be packing the crates and taking a trip to Michigan to spin a set at Grand Rapids Soul Club.  I've heard a lot about this night so I'm definitely looking forward to dropping some heavy tunes.

Talk To The People

My month long residency for 'Talk To The People' at Sarah's Place in Brewerytown continues this Sunday.  As with the previous 2 weeks, the night is dedicated to Jazz-funk, Rare Groove and classic Disco vinyl selections.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Talk To The People

This past Sunday I began my month long residency for a new party that I'm doing called 'Talk To The People'.  It's an all vinyl night of Jazz-funk, Rare Groove and Disco classics happening at Sarah's Place in Brewerytown.  Looking forward to bringing something a bit different to the city, musically speaking.

Hope to see you there!