Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yo! Brothers Japan

Whenever I go to Tokyo there's always a group of homies that always rock Philly inspired gear.  Weather it be vintage Phillies jackets or their own custom line of Yo! Brothers gear influenced by Philly Hip Hop, sports and even cheesesteaks.  During this past trip while DJing at The Room in Shibuya the Yo! Bros came thru to hear me spin and to present me with a few goodies including hoodies, t-shirts and this ill record tote bag.  Gotta love Japan exclusives.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Japan Tour (The Places)

When it comes to traveling, Japan is one of my favorite countries to visit and look at and enjoy the architecture, especially of its more traditional buildings and homes.


Japan Tour (The Food)

Whenever I visit Japan I do my best to enjoy the food of the locals, none of that tourist shit, McDonalds etc.  Strictly Ramen from the mom & pop restaurants, fresh sushi, octopus and of course that good ol' Japanese beef.  Just a few of the dishes I enjoyed while there.

Japan Tour (The People)

Spent the last 3 weeks in Japan on my Magma Taishi Returns Tour, from Tokyo to Kobe, Osaka to Ise.  During that time I caught up with some old friends and made new ones, spun with some of the countries best DJs while enjoying dinner, drinks and laughs with others.  Here's a short recap of a few faces from the trip.