Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mr. Milkcrate

Going to check out my man Botany 500 tonight as he steps out from behind the counter of his Milkcrate Cafe and steps behind the decks of the 700 Club tonight! As owner of the missed so much Cue Records, B5 is one of those guys thats been into records way before it was the thing to do and Im sure he's bringing some gems along with him!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Spent a good portion of the day going thru boxes of things that I've collected throughout the years and pulled out this goodie, one of my favorite mixers from years past. Before this my favs were another Gemini that had come out around 82/83 and a Numark mixer that I cant remember the model # of but I loved it because they had extremely short faders. This is when you had to be nice with the fader action, none of this "designed for scratching" mixers. These mixers had tight faders and if you wanted it a little loose you sprayed some WD40 in it. No curve for the faders, none of that hamster button shit, just all around had to be nice with it!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

T.S.O.P - The Sounds of Pittsburgh

Finally getting around to checking out some live audio from Hot Peas and Butta Pittsburgh with guest DJ Jay Malls. This is an early opening set with Jay kicking things off and me following up at 27:36. We've got close to 5 hours of live audio so be ready for a later dose of when the drinks finally set in and the party gets bonkers!

To Download

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to catch the Night Train!

There's very few parties in Philly that deliver something different than the norm or so when one comes along that that has something fresh to offer Im all about it. This Thursday I'll be spinning an all 45 set at Night Train with resident DJ's Ian St. Laurent and Dennis Wolf Fang. These guys throw down Funk, soul and rock on Thursday nights at Kung Fu Necktie. If your venue is called Kung Fu Necktie than thats definitely some Hot Peas and Butta shit! Last weeks guest DJ was Sal P (Im sure most of you dont even know who he is by name) but Sal P is from Liquid Liquid, you know Cavern!

So Im definitely looking forward to this night and if your local you should too! Plus these good peoples via Pabst will be giving away free Night Train / Lemmy shirts for the first 20 peoples thru the door!

Doors open 11pm
1$ pbr's
1/2 price well drinks from 11-12

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Conversations....with Dan and Han

The day after Hot Peas and Butta Presents: Bullies & Brothels.

DAN: Mr. Han, hello
HAN: Dan it's so good to see you again.
DAN: Yes, we really dropped a bomb on people with Hot Peas and Butta.

DAN: I don't think New York City was ready for last night.
HAN: No Dan they weren't. We totally shut the city down with the amount of smut and violence we put back on the streets. Almost as destructive as the blackout of 1977.
DAN: With assistance from Supreme La Rock, Cosmo Baker and Skeme Richards we really brought back an era that has long since gone.
HAN: But as always, we prevail!

DAN: We have branches in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Switzerland and soon the world!
HAN: World domination is what we're after, to let everyone know that 45's reign supreme and that we have the power to change the face of the earth!

HAN: 45's forever and Hot Peas and Butta is stronger than ever!
DAN: ahhh...In the immortal name of the Abbott, Budas name be praised!

45's, Porn & Kung Fu flix

Now thats a good night in the Big Apple! Last nights Hot Peas and Butta Presents: Bullies & Brothels "A Tribute To Times Square 42nd Street" was bonkers!! The crowd was in full attendance as Supreme La Rock and myself dropped heavy on the 45's while the rare 70's porn and kung fu trailers played on the projects. But it didn't stop there, we had a special guest come thru with a handful of 7" on the unannounced side of things, Cosmo Baker ( If you don't know Cosmo then do your homework, nuff said. All in all we had crazy fun so I thank everyone that was in the house and believe me there was alot of important people enjoying the evening with us! Shouts to cousin Blax, J-Zone, Teknyc, and photographer to the stars Mikey Mcfly!

The 45 Bullies

Hey ladies!

Nice shirt, oh and the 45's too.

More pics later this weekend on the Hot Peas site. or

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hot Peas and Butta hits The Bay!

Thats right we're hitting the West Coast and making our way over to the Bay Area to throw our second Cali edition of Hot Peas and Butta! Supreme La Rock and myself will be linking up with my man Jus Jones who has a nice collection of 45's so it'll be a nice throwdown of east meets west meets the northwest.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Sound of Film part 2 by Supreme La Rock

The sound of film continues with part 2 of Bullies & Brothels with special guest DJ and Seattle's finest, Supreme La Rock. Supreme will be flying in to NYC as my special guest and partner in crime for Friday's Hot Peas and Butta party. For the occassion he did part 2 of the theme which Im sure you'll enjoy!

(Items from Supreme's Collection)

Words from Supreme:

In preparation of the Hot Peas & Butta "Bullies & Brothels" party hitting NYC this weekend I've done a mix that was inspired by movies of the 1970's. Complete with previews and coke commercial. Get the popcorn ready. This is rated R. Under 17 not admitted without an adult.
(Download Here)

Something to celebrate

My favorite spot in Philly to DJ at is The Walnut Room hands down. They understand and appreciate the DJ, none of the politics and bullshit played here, no no! Plus the crowd is always on point and I must say that my Friday peoples are always down to have fun and I NEVER have to play dumb shit nor do they ask for it! Well they're turning 5 years old next week so they'll be celebrating in a big way by bringing in a few friends (Cosmo Baker, Tony Touch plus a few other surprises) and enjoy 5 consecutive days of fun.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bullies & Brothels Official T's!

We've got a small run of Bullies & Brothels tshirts available for purchase! We've sold a nice amount of Hot Peas and Butta t's and people are still asking so we're releasing the official Bullies & Brothels just for you!!

To get yours order here or go to for more upcoming merch.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back from Steel City!

The Hot Peas and Butta squad is back from Pittsburgh and damn did we have fun! Did some diggin at Jerry's Records, ate like shit the entire weekend, and rocked one of the funkiest crowds with Pittsburghs finest, Jay Malls. What more can you ask for! More pics later this week at

Arrived in Pittsburgh at 11pm after a 4 1/2hr drive

First things first, Primanti Bros. hot corned beef, slaw and fries.

A little diggin' at Jerry's Records

It's the sure shot!

And there goes another one for the books!

mmmm....I love Hot Peas and Butta!


There ya have it in a nutshell, a great weekend. No time for Hot Peas and Butta Presents: Bullies & Brothels in New York City w/ guest DJ Supreme La Rock!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hot Peas and Butta x DUG. Seattle!!

Once again Hot Peas and Butta is on the move and we're making our way out to the Northwest to link up with our funky peoples from the DUG party to throw an ill double feature. We're really looking forward to this swing of Hot Peas dates as we'll be hitting Portland and Seattle back to back.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The sound of film...

If you've been reading the blog then you know that Hot Peas and Butta returns to New York City w/ Supreme La Rock and myself as Bullies & Brothels. We're gonna be blessing you all night with some of the illest funk 45's being spun, while viewing some proper video footage that pays tribute to a long since gone era.

Since Im in the cinematic mood here is a short mix that I put together of some choice cuts from a few of my favorite soundstracks of various film genre's.

To Download

Conversations....with Jim and Bruce.

Bruce Lee: Jim!!
Jim Kelly: Bruce, how ya doin maaan?!
Bruce Lee: oh same ol'
Jim Kelly: I hear that bruh.

Jim: Hey, did you hear the news?
Bruce: Is Han on the loose again?
Jim: Naw, We're returning to 42nd street!
Bruce: Hot Peas and Butta?
Jim: Thats the mission!

Bruce: Funk 45's, Porn and alot of ass kickin'
Jim: Sounds like fun, just like old times!
Jim: So I'll catch you on March 19th
Bruce: I'll see you there!
Jim: Im heading back to the dojo to get ready.
Bruce: Tell Roper he still owes me.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Do yourself a favor.....

and cop this. If you slept on the original Ohmega Watts produced gem then you need to grab this to make up for it. Nuff said!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walnut Room Friday Nights.

This past Friday night at The Walnut Room was bananas! As always a packed house but the energy this week was off the chain.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Takin you back....

Exclusive Mighty4 mix for Paulskee!

Its not often that I get to dip into these joints even though from time to time I throw some of 'em in my set when Im rockin in the club depending on what state or country Im in. But after Paul bringing the topic of my Super B Beat show up a few times I felt that it was necessary to do a mix with some of these classic gems. So at 2 in the morning I got out of bed and jumped on it.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tribute to a grand era!

Hot Peas and Butta is back on it and bringing it home to New York City! March 19th we're doing a special Hot Peas and Butta which is technically our 2 year anniversary but that aside we're throwing the special Hot Peas and Butta Presents: Bullies & Brothels! This is a tribute party to the gritty era of Times Square 42nd Street theaters and all its heavenly glory, from the raunchy porn to the many chambers of Shaw Brothers films. We've got alot instore for you and to help keep things funky we're bringing in Seattles finest and worldwide crate king, Supreme La Rock!!