Friday, September 30, 2011

Hot Peas and Butta x New York Comic Con

Hot Peas and Butta is heading to New York Comic Con 2011!

Hot Peas and Butta has always been more than just a party based around playing 45s, we've gone the extra mile of showing some of the rarest video footage during our sets, put together gallery events based off of the Blaxploitation genre while working with Wax Poetics for the release of Black Dynamite. Taken you back to old 42nd Street Times Square with special events like "Bullies & Brothels", reworked amazing soundtracks like Red Dead Redemption and even packaged it all together to bring it to you in 3D! Since comic books are part of the Hot Peas and Butta culture as well it's only fitting that we display new works at this years New York Comic Con 2011.

Hot Peas & Butta will be at NYCC 2011 at Booth #2525. New collaboration projects w/ Big Pimp Jones & Record Breakin' Music will be revealed. Featuring visual artists jonathan Tatkon-Coker James Cricket Colter Rory Smith and The Elroy Jenkins.

Sneak peak at the HP&B comic book?! You'll have to attend to find out!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great DJ's Run In Our City

An honor to rep the 215 with this legendary DJ, producer and musical genius, King Britt.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Funky Reggae 45s

Dropped a short all 45 funky reggae set Monday over on the Hot Peas and Butta site. Something to get you through the rest of the week and for you listening pleasure!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

The World Wide Lens

Alot of new pics from various events around the world have been popping up from different photographers. Thank you to everyone that has tagged me or sent me a photo, now it's time to share some with the rest of the world.

Rotterdam. World Bboy Classic 2011

Heerlen, Netherlands. IBE 2011 w/ TY, Mario B, Ivan-Ski

MTV London. UK Champs w/ DJ Element

Heerlen, Netherlands. IBE 2011

Hot Peas and Butta Chicago 2011

Heerlen, Netherlands IBE 2011 4am at the Bar w/ Hooch and Cros1

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tasty Hitachino!

Still in my top 5 of favorite beers, Hitachino made in Japan. Peace to my peoples in Japan, Magma Taishi soon returns!

Gallery Worthy

So two weeks ago Hot Peas and Butta had a gallery exhibit in the town of Heerlen, the Netherlands as part of the IBE Hip Hop festival. The idea was to provide images from our personal collection of memorabilia that has inspired and influenced not only HP&B but also Hip Hop culture as a whole. So after a few weeks of Lance and myself going through our stash we sent 17 images over to be blown up to a 22x28 size ready for display. Here are a few of those pieces, be on the lookout for the video clip.

Meeting of The Patricks

One of the great things about traveling to events is meeting people that you've known about for years but never formally met. While in Heerlen I had the pleasure of meeting the two Patricks also known as Patrick Vogt and Disco Patrick. These are the guys responsible for putting out the hard to get book Disco Patrick Presents: The Guide to Disco Acetates, Funk, Rap and Disco Medleys. Let's just say that it was an honor to meet these guys and definitely look out for some cool things that have coming up in the future! If you don't know who Disco Patrick is then google him!

Heerlen Sights

Finally getting around to posting a few updates from IBE in Heerlen Netherlands 2 weeks ago. Had alot of fun and minimal sleep but I live to experience this event every year.

Here are a few random pics from this three day festival.

Earlier this year DJ Light from Japan and myself did a photo shoot for the homie Maupzrock while we were traveling to Rotterdam. Maupzrock had a photo exhibit at IBE so we got to see alot of his works in full.

What festival would be complete with parties? Had a great time spinning with Cut Nice and as always the homie DJ Hooch from the UK!

Whenever I visit Heerlen it's a must I eat at Mr. Wok!

Highly detailed boombox made of cardboard.

Windy City Rockin'

Shouts to everyone that came through to the Darkroom to get that Hot Peas and Butta experience, had a great time rockin with the peoples of Chitown, so much soul in the atmosphere! The place was packed with drinkers, dancers and woman, just the way I like it!

Previous two photos courtesty Miguel Teck Arteaga

Running The Streets of The Windy City

Had a great day in Chicago with my HP&B fams, Supreme La Rock and King Otto. Preme and Otto arrived a day earlier than I did and had already done some major diggin so when I arrived on Friday morning I need to get my fix in. So we spent the day hitting various shops, eating at the worlds famous Harold's and stuck in traffic.

First on the agenda was to hit Mr. Peabody Records where we all came up on some nice pieces at great prices, 45's, Disco 12"s, and old school Hip Hop joints. Can't complain about a thing. While there we of course had to sign the legendary wall fame and snap a few pics with the owner. Besides having a nice selection of records any place that has framed classic posters, lobbies and press photos is alright with me.

From there it was off to a famous Chicago institution, Harold's Fried Chicken. Chicago is known for three things, deep dish pizza, hot dogs and Harold's so being that it was only a few doors down guess what we chose?

After eating we drove a few blocks to a spot which I can't remember the name but they had a ton of records which turned into multiple copies of records you didn't want. Not a win situation.

After about an hour of driving, being stuck in traffic and finding the new location we arrived at Fire Sound Records only to find that the store is not fully open and they are still moving in inventory. No worries though, the owner let us go through crazy boxes of stuff and we all came up on alot of stuff. This was probably the best stop of the day for finding records.

Still on my burger quest.....

I won't make this a long and drawn out burger post because this doesn't rank in my top 50. Long story short, it was 7:30am at Chicago O'hare Airport and I was on my way home from rocking at Hot Peas and Butta party and I hadn't eaten since 1pm the previous day. So I arrive at the airport and there it was staring at me, Johnny Rockets, I hadn't had a burger from there in a long while and no I remember why. It's just not that good.

End of story.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A New Day

Today marks the release of Marvels All New Spider-Man, Miles Morales who is half Black. Peter Parker is still around and still dons the spidey outfit, this is just a different story line for a changing time.