Monday, January 31, 2011

Salute to the fine things in life!

Be sure to check the Hot Peas and Butta site tomorrow for a new mix just in time before I head out to Germany and Switzerland. I was feeling real Mr. Phelps, Bond-ish when I put it together and as you can tell by The Elroy Jenkins artwork on the tour flyer that's the theme of things for the next week and a half. Germany you've created one of the best and one of my favorite automobiles (next to the Aston Martin DB5), here's my salute to you!

1954 300SL

International Men of 45's

In just two more days I'll be off on this "International Men of 45's" Hot Peas and Butta Euro winter tour and hitting up dates through Germany and Switzerland. Looking forward to taking the brand back to Europe, rocking with my peeps and of course getting my record dig on.


Just got back from Vancouver and I gotta say they know how to party! Had a great time out there building, digging and rocking the 1's and 2's. Special shouts to Kim Sato for making the trip happen. Cosmo Baker wasn't lying when he said that I will return home completely wore down!


DJ's Bles_sed, Nina Mendoza and Kim Sato

Rocking at El Segundo

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fantastic 3

I've been a comic book reader / collector since my childhood and though I haven't been actively reading for about 10yrs now I still keep up with whats going on in the universe. Looks as though Marvel has killed off one of the Fantastic 4 which now would make it the Fantastic 3? Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch has kicked the bucket in the newest issue which hits stores today.


On days like this there's only one thing to do, sit at home!

We've been getting alot of snow these days which is not really a problem since it's been warm enough that it melts in 3-4 days anyway.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gracing the cover

GQ Magazine celebrates the 25 Coolest Atletes of All Time with special individual covers for a few of its elite. I'm particular to the 70's so my first choice would be the Doc, Julius Erving after that would definitely have to run with Ali and Broadway Joe.

Coffee Table Status (Coca Cola)

There's been a slew of great hardback books coming out lately and this upcoming book on the history of Coca Cola will surely find its way on my table. This book is filled with images of the cola's past designs, logos and ads which is perfect for anyone into graphic design or just the pop culture behind the brand. Vintage coke products are highly collectible and this book could be used at a "bible" for those searching for pieces to ad to their collections. They only draw back is the book is limited edition and will retail for $650!

This illustrated book celebrates the world's most iconic beverage with the brand's photographs, advertisements, and designs as well as memories from film, social history, and pop culture. Decade by decade, Coca-Cola represents the zeitgeist with nostalgia and flair.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Braved the cold to get a dose of that soul!

Last nights 8th Wonder James Brown Tribute Party in NYC was phenomenal! It was 7 degrees out last night but the line to get in was down the block and around the corner. 400+ people in attendance dancing to the sounds of Soul Brother #1 James Brown, his family and his friends. You missed a whole lot of this.......

Pics from the party coming soon.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bobby, what you gonna play now?

Whatever I do, it's got to be FUNKY! Getting records together for The 8th Wonder James Brown Tribute Party.

Papa Don't Take No Mess!

Your all invited to this special celebration of Soul Brother #1, The 8th Wonder, James Brown! Definitely looking forward to this Saturday nights James Brown Tribute Party in NYC with DJ's Cosmo Baker, Amir and myself, Skeme Richards. We will be blessing you the entire night with James, his family and his friends and in true Hot Peas and Butta fashion we'll also have the funky visuals going as well!

Be sure to RSVP now for no cover entry, if not then you'll be paying $10 at the door!

Here's a few of our friends that have already done so and we'll be seeing Saturday night.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coffee Table Status (The Rat Pack)

There hasn't been a Rat Pack since, well the Rat Pack. This book is for those that understand the Rat Pack and takes you into some never before seen views of this legendary band of lavish gentlemen.

The legendary Rat Pack is celebrated in a new luxury book by Reel Art Press that brings you inside the inner circle of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford. The limited-edition volume includes photographs from the Cal Neva Resort in North Lake Tahoe and parties at Peter Lawford's Santa Monica beach house. Hollywood and Las Vegas images also feature many of the glamorous women surrounding these gentlemen such as Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall.

The LA Times reports that editor and Reel Art Press co-founder Tony Nourmand worked with Andy Howick of the MPTV photo agency to trace shots from the entertainers' glory days unearthing unprinted negatives and rarely seen images. The book starts at $650 for the Masters Edition and $1,650 for the Deluxe Edition, which includes a wooden slip case and a bonus image of Sinatra and Martin signed by the photographer, Gerald Smith. The customizable, $4,000 Heritage edition, which is limited to 30 copies adds in a rare, vintage photograph of your choice and signatures from Nourmand, Levy and art director and designer Graham Marsh. Certain rare photographs are also being sold individually. The images are well worth a look: there's a great sequence of the Rat Pack goofing around in a hotel room taking a swing at each other. The book can be ordered off the Reel Art Press website.

Big Trouble in Vancouver

Next week I'll be heading out to Vancouver Canada (which I don't get to do often) for a jam called Big Trouble in little Vancouver. I will also be conducting a lecture on the connection between the DJ and the Bboy. In addition, I will be spinning a set Saturday night for a party called El Segundo where I'll be dropping 80's funk, R&B, Dance Classics and more.

The New Face

I still think Scarlett Johansson is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. And thought the same back in the 90's when I read an interview that she did with R.A. The Rugged Man for Mass Appeal magazine as she discussed growing up in New York, big ear rings, North Face jackets, Hip Hop and how (fill in the blank) could never be on Biggie's level as an MC.

She's now the face (beautiful face) of Moet and Chandon.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

Happy Birthday to the greatest of his time, Muhammad Ali. Ali definitely had the Hot Peas and Butta steez going on back in his younger days. If you've ever seen him in TV interviews and variety shows from the 60's and 70's then you know extactly what I mean.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

12,000 Deep

Pic of the week comes from photographer Nika Kramer who shot me while I was DJ'ing in France for 12,000 people during Battle of The Year.

Photo by Nika Kramer

Monday, January 10, 2011

5 Years Strong and still "Record Breakin"

It say's alot about an independent company that can last 5 years in the game and still continue to put out quality product, on vinyl at that. Well the good homie Junior who is a Founder of the label has just reached the 5 year mark and to celebrate he has released a compilation cd with some of the labels finest works.

Be sure to stop by the Record Breakin site ( for not only the music but other limited edition items like record bags, slip mats, T's and more.

Congrats on 5 Years and here's to another 5!

Coffee Table Status (Basquiat)

Seems as though Basquiat's name has been popping up alot lately, last week I visited a friends home who had an insane collection of art, including an original Basquit and today I find out about this book being released. Definitely necessary for your table!

Written by Leonhard Emmerling, Basquiat is forthcoming from Taschen’s 25 series. “From the streets of New York to the walls of its most prominent galleries, young graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) was catapulted to international fame in his early 20s and died of a drug-overdose at 27. The subject of a feature film by fellow artist Julian Schnabel, Basquiat is one of the most admired artists to emerge from the 1980s art boom. This book explores his short but prolific career.”

Legendary Label

Bobby Robinson (R.I.P.) founder of one of the greatest Hip Hop record labels, Enjoy Records. Enjoy Records signed many of the early Hip Hop acts including Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five, The Treacherous 3, Spoonie G and others.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Friday Art

Had a chance to dip out for a few last night to check out a Philly / NYC gallery showing with some of the legends in the graff world. Works on hand were pieces by Lady Pink, Crash, Daze, Espo, Braze and others.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wit my side kicks rockin "Fly Kicks"!

Everybody has a sneaker fetish these days but mines goes back to the early 80's. If you ask my top list they'll all be from the 80's to early 90's and over the years companies have reissued these golden gems and of course I've stacked them in the corner of the bedroom waiting for that sunny summer day to break them out. The final pair that I've searched years for have finally seen the light of day once again! I got these back in 1985 at a time when if you had these you were either hustling, had a good paper route and the only place you could cop these from on the east was the Gucci store in Atlantic City. If you were really nice with it you had a double G sweatshirt to go with it!

Damn summer can't come quick enough!

Here's to it all!

We've been working extremely hard these last few months to get a jump on this year and make some things happen with Hot Peas and Butta. We've got alot lined up already as you can see from the previous entries on my blog. Cheer's to the start of a great 2011!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hot Peas and Butta Int'l Tour February!

We're starting the year off in a nice way here at Hot Peas and Butta HQ's with an International tour of sorts. Definitely excited to be hitting these locations and hooking up with some good peoples to make this happen properly!

Dates are as follows:
Feb 3rd Sound Bombing x Hot Peas and Butta - Siegen, Germany
Feb 4th Frankfurt, Germany
Feb 5th Funky Fever x Hot Peas and Butta - Luzern, Switzerland
Feb 11t Fribourg, Switzerland
Feb 12t Geneva, Switzerland

Introducing Mr. Please Please himself....

Once again it's that time of year where Hot Peas and Butta brings to the "The 8th Wonder" - A James Brown Tribute party! This go around joining Amir and myself is special guest DJ, Cosmo Baker! We've got an entire night dedicated to James Brown, his family and his friends! Mark your calendar for Jan. 22nd in NYC!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yes We Did!

Had a great night rocking at Sutra NYC for the annual Yes We Can Can food drive and also the Crazy Legs RSC / Danny Castro bday bash. The place was packed to the gills and the line outside was down the block.

Felt good to get down with fellow Rock Steady DJ's for the night bringing you flavors upon flavors!

w/ DJ Evil Dee, Crazy Legs, Rich Medina

Saturday, January 1, 2011