Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cope 2 Mix

A few months back I spun legendary NYC graff writer Cope 2's 40th birthday party / gallery showing @ Alphabeta in Brooklyn. I did a cd to commemorate this special occassion for the event and now Im putting it up here for the rest of the world. Each song was picked because I feel that it represented Cope 2 and how he reps the culture.


Download Here

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The $2 Soul Show "Valentines Edition" podcast

Finally getting around to doing a new episode of my podcast, "The $2 Soul Show". This time I'm hitting you in the head with a Valenties edition with alot of fresh gems for your ears. Enjoy!

It's all about gettin' fresh!

So my peeps from "Raw Talent Philly" ( made the trip out to NYC to check me rockin at my monthly "The Go Off" a few months back and they had a blast. After a long night of gettin it in they said that we need to do this in Philly, and after a few weeks of being on my back to make it happen I agreed to it. So we'll see if Philly is really ready for this, I surely hope so!! I'll be rockin with a couple of my favorite DJ's, Sickroc who is 1/3rd of the Go Off team and Ultraviolet since steppin on the Philly scene has been hands down the hardest worker in flippin the script in this city and making shit live!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hip Hop History!

Aight so its 1:30am and Im up doing going thru some boxes filled with forgotten shit and things that need to be framed shit. Here's a poster that I've been wasting time with and not getting signatures from people that I know I should have had by now, especially from my Rock Steady family Frosty Freeze (RIP). Its the rare unreleased version of the Wild Style movie poster. I actually had it signed by Charlie Ahearn, Rodney C from Double Trouble / Funky 4+1 and the man himself, Dr. Revolt! Here's how the story goes. While in Philly doing the Wild Style Reunion event at Union Gallery, Ahearn was doing signings for his book and I just happened to have the poster handy with me. When I step up to get them to sign it every stops and bugs out in disbelief because none of the guys actually own the poster, Revolt especially bugged out said "do you know what you have in your hand?"..hahah..But of course I do! Soon I'll have it signed by all the necessary players and frame it up.

New Monthly Party in NYC!

So if two monthly in NYC wasn't enough, we've added a third to make sure your weekends are never dull. This time we take "The Great Expression" to Stay Lounge!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stockholm Sweden

I love my International travels!

Just got back from my trip to Sweden and though it was a short one it was a much needed getaway. Got to link up with a few peeps that I haven't seen in a minute from Finland, Norway and a few other places, one big family reunion of sorts. And as always I had to find the ill burger spot and I have to say, Sweden makes a good Burger!

I love night flights

Gotta get those Kronors!

James Brown Tribute Party Recap

Ok, so its been a minute since I've udated this blog because I've been mad busy gearing up to make 2009 a great year. I just returned from Stockholm Sweden spinning at this dope event called Street Star 2009 which was alot of fun. I got to hang out with my partner in crime Ynot and eat burgers at 5 in the morning. But let me say, the James Brown tribute party that I threw on Jan. 18th was bananas!! You know we had to take it there musically and made heads came thru to support.

The Go Off! Valentines Day Party

So Valentines Day falls on the 2nd Saturday this year which just happens to be "The Go Off", so we're planning a really fresh party for all you lovers and anti-lovers as well!!