Sunday, September 27, 2009

Times Square in Seoul Korea

Last night in Seoul Korea was bananas. There's this brand new multi story mall that just opened up and deep below it is a warehouse that hasn't been converted to used space yet so a promotor got a bright idea to throw a one-off party there?! So last night was the Times Square Bunker Party at this spot and damn was this a crazy looking spot too, definitely something out of a movie. The lights and big digital display board behind the dj stage couches and comfy chars and im sure by now its completely empty like the night never happened. There was also a cardboard hallway that led to another lounge area with DJ's, bar etc.

So Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), DJ P-Trix, Dumbfounded and myself arrive around 12am and the party is rocking so after a few bottles are downed its time for business. I open the night and instantly go in on 'em dropping classics, hitting them with party joints, basically just banging them in the head and had them going crazy! After my set its time for P-Trix to come out and do his thing while I'm on mic control for his segment, he's dropping reggae joints then going into some classic West Coast hip hop shit and then all across the board and of course they went ape shit! From there I introduce the man who needs no introduction, Rakaa from Dilated Peoples with special assistance from Dumbfounded. Rakka went thru a few classic Dilated Joints, something new from his upcoming solo album (which is bananas) then Dumbfounded went thru a few joints from his upcoming project. A long as Vodka and OJ night but well worth it to have the opportunity to rock the people of Seoul.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Finally arrived in Icheon Korea but without my luggage! I left from Philly to LA to catch a flight with Ynot, Cros1, Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), P-Trix and Kid David to Korea and had a 3 hour layover so that should have been more than enough time to get my bags onto the plane. So of course I was suprised when I arrived to find that mine nor Ynot's (who had a connecting flight from Arizona) bags both were still in LA. Its cool though, Im not tripping out since they said they'll be delivered to me in the morning.

Hot Peas and Butta x Black Dynamite x Wax Poetics!

I maybe in Korea but Im still on my Hot Peas and Butta shit!! Hot Peas and Butta hits Brooklyn once again on October 24, this time with DJ's Amir (of Kon and Amir) and Skeme Richards spinning strictly 45" gems all night! Plus rare video footage for your viewing pleasure. What originally started out as being the return of Hot Peas and Butta to New York has now become a Hot Peas and Butta x Black Dynamite x Wax Poetics event for the release of the Black Dynamite original score and soundtrack! Shit it getting serious! If you remember a few months back we threw the official Black Dynamite party at the Tribeca Film Fest in New York City so its only fitting that we do the Soundtrack release party as well!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Gallery

My goal in the not so near future is to have the walls of my home filled with some of the best pieces of rare and not so rare blaxploitation, Kung fu, and other cult cinema posters around. My newest piece is a Coffy but not the standard 27x41, this is an amazing 40x60 which is really hard to find. I've still got a grip of joints to frame up which is gonna take alot of time and money but slowely it'll be all set the way I want it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Diggin in Seattle

Spent alot of in between time diggin while I was in Seattle. Actually went out everyday I was there and then on Saturday there just happened to be a record show so that was the iceing on the cake for my weekend. Found alot of great records and all at great prices. A few 45's were a little pricey but well worth it though. Shouts to Seattle, you've got records!

80's Arcade!

So on the way back from Seattle I had a layover in Minneapolis / St. Paul airport and damn if there wasn't an arcade in the airport! There were a few pinballs, a Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, and a few others. You know I love the shit out of arcade machines!


Back from Seattle but off to Seoul Korea in two days so I gotta make this one fast because I've got laundry and packing to do. Seattle was dope as always but the initial flight out was lets just say....fucked up! After boarding the plane in Philly we were told that there was heavy thunderstorms in Atlanta (where I had an hour layover). I always hate Atlanta airport because I always have major problems there plus its large and it takes forever to get to different terminals. So after sitting in the plane on the runway for 2 long hours I knew that I was going to miss my connecting flight. So we finally land in ATL at 10:35 (my flight left at 9:35)and of course that was the last flight out to Seattle for the night and you know what that means right? I have to sleep my ass in the airport until the first flight out in the morning and you know how pissed off I was! So I get comfy (thank god for technolgy, my laptop and cell phone kept me from flipping out).

Here's a pic of the empty airport, only the cleaning crew and random stranded person was around.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hmmm... Whats that?

Still in Seattle! While driving to the venue yesterday afternoon to do soundcheck I look out the driverside window and what do I see? A record store and it happens to be only 2 blocks from the venue so immediately I have Rick stop the car, let me out and I'll do soundcheck after I dig then walk back to the venue. Its been a good weekend of diggin in Seatown so far, tomorrow I'll hit one more spot and theres also a record show as well.

This spot was kind of dope because it reminded me on the place me and Fredy Blast used to hit on a regular, it had mad records, VHS tapes and other nostalgia items.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Skeme Richards x James Brown

Stumbled across this while I was stuck at the airport the other night. I actually remember doing this interview while I was in Finland recently at like 3am after leaving the club and having to catch a 7am flight back to the states. Gonna have to find the guy that did the interview and get a copy of the whole thing.

Cinematic Soundtrack

My peeps Big Pimp Jones just released there new album!! Cop it!

Real funk from an unreal film -- the rarest blaxsploitation gem never made -- the non-soundtrack to Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus by Philly crew Big Pimp Jones! Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus is an homage the lovably seedy funk sound of 70s soul cinema -- as well as the looping groove of breakbeat funk -- very well done, and a heady ride. The drums are driving this set, with the heaving bass, vamping keys and organ, wah wah guitar and occasional bits of dialog you'd hope for. Convincingly funky even without the flick! Titles include "The Busiest Chicken Stand In Town", "Fist Fight In The Master Bath", "Deadly Ruckus Crane Strike", "Car Chase 92", "The Pimp Stroll", "Takin Off", "Funky Santa", "Matt The Mack's Theme", "Cocoa Butter", "Three Color Collar" and more. - Dusty Groove

Updates, finally!

Finally getting around to doing some updates on the blog. Things have been crazy over the last month with travels to Helsinki Finland, Las Vegas, Arizona, Amsterdam, now Im in Seattle until Sunday then off to Seoul Korea on Tuesday! So I've updated with a few pics but still have plenty more layiing around that I need to upload but this should hold you guys over until I get a chance to do that. Also, I'll be back at my Friday residency in Philly at The Walnut Room in 2 weeks (Oct 2nd). I haven't been there in over a month so Im really missing it!

Also, Hot Peas and Butta finally returns October 24th in Brooklyn NY!!! Catch DJ Amir (of Kon and Amir) and myself as we drop those funky 45 gems on you!!! I'll post the flyer up as soon as its completed.

Back from Amsterdam

Just got back from Amsterdam last week spinning at the Notorious IBE. This event was bananas, three days of events with some of the best sub events going on all at the same time (Circle Prinz, The Octagon, UK Champs & more). As always it was good to see my peeps from all over that I've been seeing alot of these days, Flow Mo Crew, DJ Renegade, Ivy (this dude is official!!), and so many others. Shouts to Tyrone and Mario for putting together another exciting year!!

Bar Smith in Phoenix Arizona

Bar Smith in Arizona at DJ Elements weekly residency.

Vegas to Arizona

So after spinning at the Get Back in Vegas I drove to Arizona to link up with my peeps Ynot and Bonita and spun at Bar Smith with my homey DJ Element at his weekly residency. This is a dope spot with a rooftop that spins strictly house while the downstairs his pretty much whatever you wanna drop. Vegas to Arizona is a long 4 1/2h drive but it was good to see the Hoover Damn and now they are building a bridge across it that will knock 45 mins off of the trip. Its really interesting to see how bridges are built, I still dont understand it. While driving of course theres nothing but desert and mountains which should put you to sleep but very interesting to see since Im an east coaster.

Keepin it funky in Vegas

Here's a few pics from when I spun at The Get Back in Vegas, this party is definitely off the chain. DJ's John Doe, Phoreyez and Danny Boy do their thing every month spinning all vinyl funk and soul. It was good to finally get into the mix with these guys and bring some of the Hot Peas and Butta shit to Vegas. The crowd was amazing and they showed mad love and energy that I haven't really seen in a minute! Until next time!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Go Off this Saturday

I'll be in the Netherlands working but the party don't stop back at home! This Saturday is "The Go Off", the only place you need to be if your in NYC! My man DJ Primetime will be swinging thru dropping an ill set and as always Unkle Chip and Sickroc always keep this on point!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Off to Las Vegas!

Ok, so I woke up bright and early for my late morning flight to Las Vegas once checked in I do my usual routine of heading to Chick fil a for my chicken with a side of chicken! Thats a #1 Combo and a seperate side of 12 piece nuggets, nothing like this to start the travels of right!

After eating and charging up the phone its time to board the plane, gotta love when promotors book you in First Class!

Now here is where the situation gets a little crazy. The doors are closed and we're on the runway ready for takeoff and I hear the flight attendants talking about a crazy lady in the back who says that everyone on the plane has been stalking and following her throughout the airport, she gets real fidgity and moves from seat to seat. Well you can only imagine what happens next, the plane goes back to the gate and kicks the lady off! Nothing like starting your trip off with madness. Now we're back on the runway, we were in first position to take off now where in like 20th, glad I dont have any connecting flights.

I dont usually drink first thing in the morning but what the hell, I'll take a vodka and oj before we take off. Once airborne the flight attendant serves the meal, todays offering is an asian salad w/ chicken or the grilled chicken sandwich with pasta salad. I'll take the grilled chicken with provolone sandwich.....Damn, didn't I just have chicken?? Two vodka on oj's to wash it down and a nice warm brownie for dessert.

Gotta have the proper reading material for your flight, the newest issue of Esquire Magazine (British Edition) which happens to be the Suit Issue with Tarantino on the cover, this man is a genius! I also read a good article / interview with designer Paul Smith which has influenced me to do my next set of interviews for my blog on

Another thing I can never leave home without is my media player, gotta get my daily viewing of Magma Taishi, Kung Fu flix, 60's/70's Japanese gangster flix and Anime in while on long flights.

Finally made it to Vegas and damn is it a HOT 103 Degrees!! No time to sleep though, haven't been here in about 4 years so I'm gonna get it in!

Private party tonight on some jiggy shit but I'll smash it anyway then tomorrow its the real reason that Im here, The Get Back!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bounty Hunter x ZoZo Exclusive figure.

Bounty Hunter is the latest Japanese streetwear brand to join the Zozo ranks with the upcoming launch of their very own web presence on the popular shopping site. Expect some exclusive drops including limited edition studded chinos and a special Kidz Bounch figure. The store will open on September 16th, 2009.