Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ok, I'm in the mood to pull out some of my old King Conan comics! If you've been reading my blog then you know Frank Frazetta is one of my favorite artists. His Conan The Destroy piece just sold for a cool 1.5 Mil!

Fantasy art from the 1970s doesn't generally fare too well in the art world but the recent sale of a 1971 painting by famed artist Frank Frazetta might change that. Frazetta's "Conan the Destroyer" has sold for $1.5 million, two months after the Pennsylvania artist's death. A private collector bought the painting from a family trust. It is believed to be the highest price ever paid for a Frazetta. Frazetta's illustrations of Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, flying dragons and a whole host of warriors, wizards and sorceresses have appeared on countless comic books, album covers and movie posters. In the last few years his children have been fighting over his estate, estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars. The family feud made news last year when Frank Frazetta Jr. used a backhoe to try to break into the artist's museum in the Pocono Mountains and liberate some of the art. The Frazetta Museum sells prints of many of the artist's works for $10 each.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another legend gone.

Just got word that Melvin Bliss, famous for his classic break track Synthetic Substitution has passed away. Seems like every other day someone legendary leaves us.

HP&B BBQ 45 Release Party

Yesterdays Hot Peas and Butta BBQ + 45 Release + DJ Junior's(Record Breakin Music) birthday party was incredible! I have to thank everyone that came out to enjoy the event and to all the DJ's that dropped heavy grooves for the occasion. There's so much that I want to say about the party but I'm stupid tired right now and can barely keep my eyes open while I'm typing this. Pics will be up soon on the Hot Peas and Butta site (www.hotpeasandbutta.com) as well as some audio. And don't forget the 45 drops tomorrow July 27th at finer vinyl stores world wide!

Polly wanna 45?

Even the bird knows to pick up the Hot Peas and Butta 45 tomorrow! That's right it's official, the 7" will be available world wide on July 27th at fine vinyl retailers everywhere. Get yours now!


Hawaiian State of Mind

New interview that I recently did with Aerosol artist East 3 while on my recent trip to Hawaii.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vancouver Burger Mission

So while I'm still on my "find the best burger in the world" mission my recent trip took me to Vera's Burger Shack in the Vancouver airport while on my way to the Yukon. I'm gonna be honest with you, for this to be airport food it was definitely on point! Cooked on an open flame, seasoned fries and a black and white milk shake. Funny thing is they didn't know what a B & W shake was, no one ever ordered it and the girl said I don't think we can do that. Hahaha...it's simple honey, one scoop of each in stead of two of one. Simple.

In Memory Of

Since today marks the passing of the greatest, I've decided to post a couple pics of some of the nostalgic pieces that I have owned since I was a kid.

Various rare Bruce Lee magazines and a flip book full of Bruce Lee lobby cards from his movies from the 70's.

We used to rock the fly brass name buckles back in the day but OG brass Bruce Lee buckle was a favorite amongst kids as well.

I've got tons more but this is just a few rare pieces.

Still the best.

On this day in 1973 the greatest to ever do it passed away, Bruce Lee. No one has since come even close to his greatness.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Butta BBQ + 45.

July 25th is gonna be a great day in Hot Peas and Butta history! Not only is it our monthly Funk & Soul BBQ but it's also the release party for the Hot Peas and Butta 7" featuring Big Pimp Jones. We're gonna be serving up the goods from the grill as well as funky joints on 7" platters by myself, DJ Amir and special guest DJ's Supreme La Rock (Seattle) and Junior (Record Breakin' Music). So if your in Brooklyn and you want to enjoy to a great afternoon party then swing thru!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Off to the Yukon.

So I've started my all day trip heading out to the Yukon, Canada which is a longer trip than what I thought. My flight from Philly to Toronto was at 630am, from there I fly to Vancouver with a 6 hour layover then off to the Yukon.

Too early to be flying! 4:30am and no ones even at the airport.

Time to take flight with the rising sun

Made it to Toronto and Boarded for Vancouver. Inflight entertainment is straight plus it's got AC power!

Got my reading material ready. Gotta do Hot Peas and Butta research while airborne.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Serious collector status

Lately it seems like rare comic books might just be the best investment of all. A Batman comic bought for $1,200 could sell for over $400,000 in an August 5-7 auction at Heritage Auction Galleries. The CGC Certified VF-7.5 Detective #27 was bought by college student in Hawaii in 1974 at a bookstore. He later tracked down the woman who had sold the comic to the bookstore and found out that she had bought it off a local newsstand in 1939, before Hawaii was even a state. The comic book is in an unrestored condition and has had just these two owners.

Earlier this year, Heritage sold another comic book documenting Batman's first appearance for $1,075,000. That blockbuster price brought forward the anonymous consignor of this most recent version. He plans to use the proceeds to help pay for his son's college education. "We think this could become just the second comic to top $400,000 at auction," said Ed Jaster, Vice President of Heritage Auctions.

Breaking down the Hot Peas and Butta Artwork.

Ok so you've seen the flyers, you've seen the cover to the upcoming 7" being released world wide later this month So now we show you the madness behind it all.

Here's the link for the promo video clip.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The island of inspiration

Finally back from my trip to Hawaii and working with my peeps Paulskee and Froy from Mighty 4, East3, Jus Jones, Celski and more, definitely was a great trip! Not to get too political or anything but Hawaiii is NOT the 50th state!! Hawaii is Hawaii, their people have traditions and values that they've followed for decades, and after hearing a lot of the stories I agree. It's a paradise over there, no place in the United States is a paradise. Like I said I'm not going to get all political about it, you just need to experience it yourself. Anyway back at the lab... great times, great people and great foods. I'm not usually one for the beach but I spent a lot of hours there soaking up the sun, snorkeling and of course bbq'n. Looking forward to making the trip back in the near future!

"Inspiration" Wednesday

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Brewed in New Zealand

My beer game is not as on point as my burger quest but I'm always down to try a new tasty beverage. Here's a beer that I had while in Hawaii, was definitely refreshing while enjoying the Hawaiian breeze.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hawaiian shaved ice cream

There's a few things that I was instructed to experience when I arrived out here in Hawaii, one was the shaved ice cream. Basically its the ice cream of your choice which I went with Vanilla, then they shave ice into a nice powder over top of it then pour the flavoring over top of the ice. So it was like having vanilla with a side of vanilla.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hot Peas and Butta 45 artwork unveiled!!

We've finally unveiled the artwork for the upcoming release of the Hot Peas and Butta 45. This item will be available for pre order soon and available for sale on July 27th at vinyl retailers worldwide.

www.hotpeasandbutta.com / www.recordbreakin.com for more info.


Aloha! Made it out to Hawaii safe and sound! Time to get busy on the islands with my Mighty 4 Peeps.