Monday, July 26, 2010

HP&B BBQ 45 Release Party

Yesterdays Hot Peas and Butta BBQ + 45 Release + DJ Junior's(Record Breakin Music) birthday party was incredible! I have to thank everyone that came out to enjoy the event and to all the DJ's that dropped heavy grooves for the occasion. There's so much that I want to say about the party but I'm stupid tired right now and can barely keep my eyes open while I'm typing this. Pics will be up soon on the Hot Peas and Butta site ( as well as some audio. And don't forget the 45 drops tomorrow July 27th at finer vinyl stores world wide!


Mac McRaw said...

Peace Skeme.....we had an amazing day...sitting in the yard drinking High Life's to you guys spinning the best BBQ soundtrack imaginable...every DJ stepped up & killed it...great vibe in the place & thank you for being so welcoming & hospitable....the new 45 is fire!! I will be dropping it in all DJ sets over here....only regret is why the hell didn't I get doubles?

Really hope you sort that trip to the UK you were talkin about....I will be spreading the good word over here sir.

Skeme Richards said...

Yo whats up Mac! Thanks for coming out and enjoying the day with us and thanks for grabbing the 45 while out. I'll be sure to bring you a double when I come out there in October.