Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hawaiian shaved ice cream

There's a few things that I was instructed to experience when I arrived out here in Hawaii, one was the shaved ice cream. Basically its the ice cream of your choice which I went with Vanilla, then they shave ice into a nice powder over top of it then pour the flavoring over top of the ice. So it was like having vanilla with a side of vanilla.


venoms5 said...

Damn, that looks good. I had some Italian ice (?) not long ago and it sounds like this here. If it is, good stuff!

Skeme Richards said...

Oh Italian ice is great, especially when done right. Actually had some today in this 102 degree philly weather.

venoms5 said...

Man, we are right behind you. Here in NC it's bordering 100 if it didn't already hit it. We 100 yesterday, though.