Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Black Dynamite gets the animated treatment.

Yup, it's true! Black Dynamite is soon to be released in animation on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim, definitely looking forward to this!

BLACK DYNAMITE Animated Series exec-produced by Carl Jones (The
Boondocks) for [adult swim]. First look at stills from the show.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to the UK!

Hitting London once again next weekend for the biggest happening of the year, the Sony Erricson UK Bboy Championships. In addition to doing that event I will also be doing the DJ Spin Doctors legendary On The Reel party with DJ's Kon & Amir, Renegade (UK) and Hooch.

In addition to that I will also be doing the official after party with the insane DJ line of Crazy Legs (RSC), Hooch (Funkin' Pussy), Spin Doctor and Cros1 (Freestyle Session). London is getting smashed, the Bronx to Brixton!

Swtizerland this Saturday + My Bday!

Looking forward to being out in Switzerland this weekend with my family Ynot, Mr. Wiggles, Peggy, Jazzy Jes and the rest of the people of Thun Switzerland. No only will I be rocking the club but it's also my birthday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Can you dig it?

Yes! I can dig the fact that Black Dynamite is coming in comic book form in 2011. Seems as though those guys have a lot of things in the works for Black Dynamite with a cartoon following not to far in the future as well.

For More info:

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Legendary Blue Note

One of the other things that I got to do while in Tokyo was not only go to the legendary Blue Note Tokyo but actually see one of the bands that I actually play there 45's, The Sound Stylistics! This was an insane night and there show is so incredible from start to finish and sounds even better in persion! Didn't take pics of the show because this was more of a sit down, have drinks and dinner vibe and not standing in the audience screaming. Afterwards was off to Club Asia to DJ with Muro, Osaka Monaurail (another of my favorite bands) and a list of other DJs, only in Japan!!

Great Tokyo Talent

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of spinning with some of Japan finest talent including DJ Muro, funk band Osaka Monaurail, and a host of other DJ's at Club Asia in Tokyo. This was definitely an amazing night for me because I have so much respect of Japan and it's Funk and Soul scene and their appreciation for the music and how they respond it to. It's crazy how I dropped certain 45's and how they went bananas, records that I could never drop at home and get that response and this is at a major club not a small spot with every man and woman rockin the dance floor!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Food for your ears!

What goes perfect with eating Tokyo's best Ramen? Listening to the Official Circle Prinz Japan Mix CD!

Over and Out!

Had a blast at Hot Peas and Butta Tokyo held at DJ Mar Ski's store Dancers Collection. The place got pack quick with a nice line outside while drinks and music was flowing on the inside. Shouts to everyone that made this party successful, it couldn't happened with out you! DJ's Mar Ski, Zoo-Ka, Ryuhei, Anijha, Katsu, Dancers Collection Staff, everyone that drank and partied with us, there's so many to name. Here's a few pics until I go thru and gather from other photographers.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tokyo + Philly Love!

This is definitely the pic of the day! While in Japan spinning this guy comes up to me and says he's happy that I finally made it to Tokyo because he had been following my music for a long time. Dude rocked the best shirt to show me that Philly / Tokyo love, a Philly Cheese steak shirt!!!! What!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Japan Pt. 3

Woke up in the afternoon to get breakfast / lunch or whatever it was with Katsu. Hit the local train from his house to the Shibuya line which is one of the busiest areas for shopping, records, young people hanging out and more. Day time is pretty calm but night is insane.

Japan Pt. 2

Hit up a few spots today to do a little diggin, snatched some really hard to find Disco 12" and some Funk 45's. Also hit the usual locations just for the sake of it like Still Diggin, Manhattan and Dance Music Records. While in DMR peeped the new Big Pimp Jones 7" sitting nice and dusty on the shelves (dusty in the funky way). Also grabbed some rare footage on dvd's of a lot of funky sh*t!! Will Probably be too tired to watch on the plane ride home but I've got a lot coming up to occupy my time.

Japan Pt. 1

Here's a few pics from some of the day while chillin' in Shibuya and Harajuku.

Went to visit a very important and sacred shrine.

Had some amazing Sushi!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Tao of Skeme

The shirt says it all.

*Pic from a backyard bbq in The Bay Area from ATWL weekend. (c) Jeng Su

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Japan Exclusive

Just about packed and ready for my morning flight to Tokyo Japan. Looking forward to rockin these events for the weekend and also blessing the people with the Hot Peas and Butta Limited Edition Japan Only Exclusive Mix CD. Funk 45's goodness and more just for the people!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Morning Toons

Not sure how many of my readers or Hot Peas and Butta people remember this but regardless you should know of its existance!

If you were planted in front of your television 39 years ago today, and had the dial set to ABC, then you were watching the premier of the new Jackson 5ive cartoon. You followed young Michael on his adventures to save Rosie the Snake from Diana Ross’s dressing room, which, of course, finished in a surprise ending.

*Courtesy Spinning Soul

I've been reppin that Jackson 5 goodness for ever!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bay Area Burger Mission

Just got into the Bay Area and first things first, gotta stop and get me a burger! "So whats poppin out here"? "Nations is a good burger spot". "Ok, well lets hit them up!" I gotta say, this was actually a good burger, prepared well, the bun was soft and grilled on the inside, the burger itself was a nice size patty and the bacon was crisp but not over done. Good looking out for introducing me to Nations!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disco not Disco

There's certain Disco records that I like and I'm not talking about that cheesy pop disco shit but that ghetto disco that bangs in the system, One such records is 1977's Cocomotion. I drop this record whenever I get the chance to but one memory that sticks out for me was the first time that Crazy Legs RSC heard me spin in Philly at this monthly jam called The Gathering. I dropped this record and Legs came up to me, gave me a pound and said that he hadn't heard this record in years then asked "what you know about that record?" So now when I play this I get in Crazy Legs mode.

I don't think today's bboys even understand whats going on with this song!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Limited Edition Japan Shirts

Ok, you know we love limited editions over here at Hot Peas and Butta. So we're doing a limited run of 50 Hot Peas and Butta Japan logo t shirts. On ya mark, get ready, set, go!! hmmm....Or should I say, Hot Peas and Butta come and get ya suppa?!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hot Peas and Butta Japan!!

Really excited about my upcoming trip to Japan for Hot Peas and Butta! All 45's of funk and soul goodness!