Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What the FUCK happened!?

1. To People who knew what time is?
2. To People that gave a shit about quality?
3. To parties that were fun?

Shouts to my man Supreme who recently wrote in his blog about the fucked up state of this DJ shit and I agree with him 110%. But in addition to these no dues paying, I'll spin for free DJ's the blame also goes to the people that go out and support wack shit just because that club is the place to be seen. Im talkin about the people that stand around and drink but don't dance or better yet smile. The people that only nod there heads or throw their hands up because you played Biggie One More Chance or some new top 40 shit. Now don't me wrong I love ALL genres of music, there is good and bad in them all but if the party is rockin and you throw on something that people might not know that doesn't mean to stop dancing. I love this digital shit because it made my travels just that much easier, but I still love that vinyl shit 100% more and I can rock a party using either medium but this shit has really gone to the dogs! Peace to cats that really know what time it is!

Kings of Diggin'
w/ Soulman & Supreme La Rock

w/ Amir (of Kon & Amir)

w/ Ohmega Watts

w/ Egon (Stones Throw)

w/ Bobbito aka Kool Bob Love!

And to every other dope DJ from A to Z that loves the music!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Elle Magazine Japan feature w/ Yoma (Sesion31)

My homegirl and first lady of Sesion31 is in the new Elle Japan magazine. Elle is a worldwide fashion magazine similar to Vogue and other mags of that nature, incase you didnt know.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Las Vegas Funk & Soul!

I've been trying to spin in Vegas at The Get Back for a while now and schedules have always been conflicting but now its on! I'll be hitting Vegas' original funky soul dance party which just happens to be "vinyl only" just the way I like it with a stack of some funky 45's next week! After a couple days there I drive to Phoenix, AZ to get down with my RSC peeps Ynot and Bonita for "Frienemies", a club gig and a bbq since its a holiday on Monday.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from Helsinki Finland!

And damn did I have a great 5 days of perfect weather and limited sleep while I was visiting. First thanks to Focus and Alex for bringing me out there to get down and Circle Prinz, UK Champs Qualifiers, the Club Gigs @ Nude, the Bossa FM radio interview and all around just taking good care of me! I've got mad pics that I have to sort thru so I'll put them up at various times, also this update might be a little lengthy because so much happend out there.

I arrived on Thursdays and went straight to check out my man Wicket who was doing a workshop, while there of course Hooch (UK Champs) was there, various newspapers that were covering the weekends events and other peeps that I haven't seen in a minute. After there we headed to the hotel which is part of the Design Group to check in and damn this was an amazing hotel. The whole architecture and design was on another level, the rooms were amazing, the club downstairs was ridiculously fresh and screw the average continental breakfast, every morning was Salmon, Tuna, Sauna Ham, fresh baked breads and croissants, fresh squeezed juices and more. Thursday was an off night so we had dinner at a dope Thai Restaurant which we wound up eating at about 3 different times it was so good. From there it was off to club hop and drink. The night was kind of blur for because as we arrived back at the hotel at 430am I was twisted and the room was spinning so I had to sleep it off because of a long day ahead. When I woke up at 9am Friday morning the room was still spinning and my head was bangin ungodly....lets just leave it right there. Fast forward.

Today was about the BBQ, live graff and me spinning in the new RedBull truck on a sunny afternoon. During the time of me spinning I also had to do an over the phone live interview with Bossa FM radio to discuss the weekends events.
Friday night its off to the Virgin Oil Company which is a Bar, Club and Restaurant where Circle Prinz was being held, the perfect location!! The system was bangin, the bar was stocked and it was dark! Plus it was not only bboys and bgirls but party peoples in general which made for a great vibe. Timber, Renegade and myself kept the music official for the whole night! Friday night after leaving the club at 4am things get weird, once the clubs close at 4 the entire city is drunk and looking really weird but there are no cops, no dissorderly actions of any sort going on. But everyone is wasted something ugly and looking at sober people like they have 2 heads and 3 eyes. The streets are packed and everyone eats at these burger stands on the corners, I ate there last time I was out and had just a burger but some of the shit there is just down right uncalled for!

Saturday morning Focus picked up Timber and myself to hit the record shops and do some diggin in the crates. Stopped at 4 different spots but really only found gems in two of them because time was limited and we had to gear up for UK Champs day 1. I racked up some really nice pieces though. After UK Champs its back to the hotel to show, hit the Thai restaurant and then off to this secret Redbull location for a private screening that they were doing. This spot was so in the cut and had a thumb print scanner to open the doors, once inside the walls, carpet and bar was black but the couches and chairs were white. Also had flat screens over the walls, a pool table, craps table etc. Shit was off the chain, shouts to the fly Redbull girls servin us up! From there its of to rock at this brand new club called "Nude" where Timber was already there dropping latin gems, the crowd was really sexy forsure. Around 12:30 Hooch jumped on the tables and then it was on, he instantly came in with a bang dropping various genres and had the floor going mad. I got on after him and kept the shit rolling comin in with some Stevie Wonder and flippin it up from there dropping Hip Hop, classics and R&B joints. Renegade followed me and and I swear, everytime I hear him spin it always flips my mind because his skills, selection and blends are so onpoint. Once again, leaving the club at 430am, I vowed to get some good sleep but its hard with the sun rising around that time.

Sunday was another early start for UK Champs day 2, I'll keep it short.....FLOW MO!!!!!! no more to be said.

There's alot more but my body thinks its 2am when really its only 8pm so I'll hit you with more later.

Over Finland

Architecture on the streets of Finland

Redbull Secret Location

A day of diggin with Timber

Sleepin drunk guy in McDonalds. And whats with this burger?? Buger, chicken and hotdogs? Is this how it goes down with drunk Finnish people at 430am? I'll pass!

The crowd at Nude was wild'n out the whole night. The ratio of girl to guy is crazy have never really seen a spot where girls reign supreme.

Hooch, Renegade and myself kept the crowd sweatin'

With Jani Tolin of Flow Mo @ Nude

w/ Timber, ATA, and Renegade

Wish this pic would have come out better but it was rushed. Flow Mo was about to do the finals so I had to snap it quick. Congrats on the victory!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the go!!

Haven't updated in the last week or so because I've been crazy busy. So Im updating a few different flicks from a few different events all in one post. I'm off to Helsinki Finland in the morning to spin a couple club dates, plus Circle Prinz and UK Champs Prelims so I'll have plenty of pics when I return!

Last month at our party "The Great Expression" @ Stay Lounge in NYC.

Friends with Benefits @ The Walnut Room. This was a really dope party!

Spun the Goody! Goody! party last month in NYC and smashed it. Resident DJ Jayceeoh opened things up did his thing, but there was another guest DJ besides myself that went on before me and was straight wack! He cleared the floor something ugly and my time to go on wasnt until 2:30am. I made the best of things and got the people that stayed back into the swing and rocked it from there. Never again!

Chillin with DJ Primetime and my homegirl Candy!

Lancealot and Candy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Than Enough

Another ill party that my man Elroy Jenkins has put together that Im really excited to spin, More Than Enough. This party is all about the Funk, Soul, & Jazz "Originals" that have been sampled and yet to be sampled for the countless number of Hip Hop gems that have blessed the crates for years. In addition DJ Sickroc and myself will be spinning House, Reggae, remixes and unreleased gems as well to keep things in party mode.

Fri Aug 28th
@ Le Poisson Rouge Gallery Bar (downstairs)
158 Bleecker St.
New York, NY

New York state of mind.

If its one thing that always keeps me inspired and motivated is the fact that Im surrounded by some of the illest graff heads around. Heads like Cope2, Ewok 5MH, Jee and my cousin Teknyc to name a few. So when I receive emails with pics from walls up in the Bronx getting bombed I know its a good day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Go Off!

Do I need to say anymore? The only place you need to be this Saturday night if your in NYC!

New Kidz Bounch!

I love this figure in any colorway!

A new colorway of BOUNTY HUNTER’s iconic KIDZ BOUNCH will launch later this month. The character has seen a few different color interpretations over the years as the latest colorway is done in white. The figure will release on August 17th with retailers including the Bounty Hunter online store.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cleopatra Jones

Newest piece in the collection, Japanese Cleopatra Jones poster.

Kaws again!

My collecting game is usually always up to par but this one is just a little out of range. Sure I could sacrifice the mortgage this month but.....

The latest addition to the OriginalFake/KAWS collection of ultra-collectible toys comes a 4 Foot Dissected Gray Companion. Having seen a number of notable toy drops in the last few months from the MEDICOM TOY affiliated brand, this one marks yet another large-scale release. A suggested retail price of $6,000 USD with a run of only 100 pieces is set to take place in what we assume will be the very near future.

All for a good cause!!

I'll be spinning this event along side Joey Blanco, Issac Jordan and a few other guest's. This event is for a good cause and people really need to support this one!

One week until Finland!

Finally making a return trip to one of my favorite places on the globe, Helsinki Finland! I love it out there, the fresh air, beer, Finnish Beef!, the clubs and my peoples Flow Mo Crew!! Five days to hit the records, grab the custom 31 T's and more. I'll be spinnin both Circle Prinz and UK Champs prelims while Im out there.