Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Playing the Sunday afternoon / evening party Speakeasy, Tokyo's #1 vibeout party this weekend alongside DJ Sarasa, Brookyn Terry and other guests.  This is one of those feel good parties that you can let lose and do you.

Green Angle presents: 45groove

This Friday night I'll be playing the Green Angle presents: 45groove party at Ucess The Lounge in Harajuku alongside DJ Muro, Magara and more.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dust + Dignity Video

Along with the album covers on display at the Dust + Dignity exhibition, there was a short mini doc speaking to the DJ's / Curators of the show that was projected as well.  Here's the documentary for you to check out out.

Dust + Dignity : Philadelphia Exhibition Video 2016 from Dust+Dignity on Vimeo.

Dust + Dignity Album Cover Photo Recap

For those of you who missed the Dust + Dignity exhibition that I had the pleasure of co-curating along with DJ's Rich Medina, Cosmo Baker, King Britt and DJ Junior, you definitely missed something special.  For those not familiar with Dust + Dignity, it is an album cover exhibition that hopefully will open up dialog on social injustices, and negatives going on in the states (and across the globe).  Each of the DJ's presented 20 album covers to be hung and displayed that express those issues for a month long exhibition.  Here are a few photos from the event.

Photos by Tim "Shotsfired215" Blackwell and Shaw Fischer (Instagram Philly)

Exclusive Japan Tour CD *LIMITED QUANTITIES!

Ok here's the deal, this is a one shot chance and a one shot chance ONLY. I've gotten numerous request for my Japan exclusive tour CD and if I would have any for sale. The answer was NO but I've worked out a deal where I have a VERY LIMITED handful of copies that I can make available for sale outside of Japan. This limited amount is a pre-order and will ship out after I arrive back to the states. Once these are sold out, you will have to order them from select shops in Japan so please don't ask me later on if I have any more copies. This is offer is valid for 1 week only or until this handful runs out.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Skeme Richards 'Magma Taishi Returns' Japan Tour Schedule

The Sound of Philadelphia

The Sound of Philadelphia is one that has influenced artists for years and my new CD, The Philadelphia Sound is dedicated to the one of the most legendary labels ever, Philadelphia International Records.  This new CD is an all 45 Disco, Soul and R&B mix and exclusive sale in Japan during my tour.

Kamukura Ramen

Nothing like landing in Tokyo at midnight and heading straight to my favorite ramen spot, Kamukura in Shibuya!

Happy Birthday DJ Muro

I had the pleasure of going to hear DJ Muro last night as he spun a special birthday set at Ucess The Lounge in Harajuku.  Amazing set as expected and always a pleasure to meet up with him when visiting Tokyo.