Sunday, July 27, 2008

Selling Out! Its the only way to go....

No, not "selling out" as in selling yourself but Selling out of your product! Anything that this guy touches sells out almost instantly, if you didn't cop it on the early side now you'll be paying $600 on ebay. Limited and rare, such a deadly combination. Kaws needs to bottle his formula and sell it!

From vinyl figures to tshirts and other apparel.

Inspired by Japanese police mascot Pipo, KAWS in association with Medicom Toy are releasing two renditions of the popular cartoon-esque character. The vinyl features some trademark KAWS touches seen along the ears and eyes, with two colors available. The toys will release Friday at 12:00 pm EST alongside some new Original Fake products.

Wall Coverings

Growing up I've always been one who covered his bedroom walls with comicbooks, rap posters, album covers and more but when you get a little older you tend to gravitate towards more "classy" pieces of art such as rare movie posters (matted and framed of course), Canvas pieces (Im still waiting for an original Ewok graff piece)and other high end subjects such as some of the work that legendary New York and world reknown graff artist Mare 139 does. I would love to have work from him displayed in my living room! Door your homework on this cats history.

Chillin with Mare in NYC 2007

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Money Makin' Manhattan Burger!

Ok, first let me say that I dont have a picture of this burger(but I will snap one next time). Every month when I'm on route to the good ol' NYC to do "The Go Off!", an all classic Hip Hop, Funk and Soul party I always have to stop at 7A which is this dope little restaurant that serves up an incredible burger. The thing that makes this burger is the way its cooked, flamed broiled! You can taste the charbroiled flavor throughout the burger and it even has the pretty grilled lines on the burger and bun! The spot is located on 7th and A, hence the name 7A.

Editors note: Get bacon and cheddar cheese on it!

Monday, July 14, 2008

James Brown Tribute wall....

This shit is bananas!

(Coffee Table Status) Industry rule # 4080 1/2.....

Everybody in the business is shady! A Tribe Called Quest said it best!

No matter if your in the music, movie, car or any other type of manufacturing business theres always gonna be the shady shit going on, especially when its an industry that is relatively young and still being figured out. We've seen it happen plenty of times, but the masses only see the popular side of it, ie: music industry. How many people knew that the original creators of Superman just got their rights back for the Hero? Well another "Heroes" story gets told....When you say Spiderman you think Stan Lee, well thats only half. The other co-creater is Steve Ditko who was the artist that was drawing the early Spidey comics and who seems to have been "blackballed" from the comic industry. Ditko, the 80 year old still active individual is living in Manhattan and has a new book out "Strange and Stranger: The World Of Steve Ditko. This guy could make millions off of his original drawings but higher forces seem to be holding him back. His new book is a biography and has alot of his original artwork, this definitly gets the nod from me as July's coffee table status. This is essential reading for any comic book lover looking for a good storyline. I would love to have have some of this guys original Dr. Strange art framed and hanging in my crib.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Diggin' in the tapes!

So the other day Im going thru some boxes and I come across a song that Fredy Blast and myself did back around 2002, dont ask me why I have this on tape considering it was released on a compilation album with other artists from Philly and I know cd burning was in full effect. Maybe I just wanted that tape feel I dont know?! Anyways here's "Deadly Duo" produced, written and mixed by yours truely "Sesion31"!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Whats worth standing in line for?

With all the hype surrounding the new Iphone 3g and seeing all those people standing in line overnight it made me think to myself, what would be worth standing in line for? I've never really stood in line for anything, besides a few things like a pre-screening of a movie. ie: Spiderman 1 or Star Wars, something that is "Limited Edition" like a pair of kicks (but I usually get the hook up) that I know once its gone its gone. I've actually had product mailed to me ahead of the release date because I looked out for someone in the past (which is why you stay on good terms with people!) I remember back when the Sega Dreamcast was first released I paid for it ahead of time just to have it on the release date. But never for something like a phone, especially if I already have one. If its a videogame that I have to have then I'll pre-order it and pick it up, but not stand in line for hours. Some people say its just the thrill of being with people who are interested in the same thing as you, which I understand 100%. Some say you have to experience it at least once in your life. So I ask the question, what product would make you stand in line for hours just so you can have it? Before answering that question, would you also do it in the winter or rainy seasons?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What are you into?

Whats good in your world? What are you currently into? Put me onto something, I dont care if its a movie, book or magazine, music, videogame or whatever? I need something new to check out.

Put me on!!

Chinese S.W.A.T. Team?!

Ok, I just had to post this.

In Shangdong Province China, S.W.A.T. members are in training on these gas saving devices.

Technology has officially taken over, I'll take my chances running with my own 2 legs!

The Hip Hop Files

Always something interesting when it comes to Martha Cooper.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lets link up is the " New Goodbye"

How come "Lets link up" is the last thing that people say before they part ways when they know that it'll never happen? Im noticing more and more especially in business that people issue these false words. I've ran into the same people on multiple occassions weather it be DJ's, promotors, directors, writers or whatever and nobody really "links up". Unless your in the click or circle with these people it'll never happen. Very few times have people been genuine enough to follow thru and make some noise, the rest of the people will only do so if they think you have something going on that they can benefit from!

"Linking means let me use your momentum and I'll just sit back" - Ynot

1942 Joint Strike (A remake I'm looking forward to)

Yeah yeah I know, Im always sh*ttin' on remakes of all sorts (next on my list to stick it to is the remake of Robocop, one question....Why???) But anyway, as a kid I always spent mad time in the arcades droppin quarters into my favorite titles and one title that I always enjoyed was 1942. Well Capcom recently announced a remake to the oringal titled 1942 Joint Strike and instead of a 2-D shooter its 3-D. Now I know some of you are going to look at this remake and think its wack, but this is purely nostalgia and actually brings back the feel of classic gameplay, having skills and a time when arcades were fun!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Skeme, Skeme Richards....Agent 0031

I've been a Bond fan since I was able to say Bond, Sean Connery to me was always the official guy. But Daniel Craig did justice to the last film and seems to have another hit with this one. Bond films never seem to let me down!

Physical vs. Digital

This debate could go on forever just like the great vinyl vs. cd bout (oh, by the way Vinyl is still here and cd sales are steadily declining). Im not here to try to change peoples perception but simply voicing my opinion and logic on the debate. We're living in the microwave age....example: Everyone wants everything right now, weather its downloading the newest movie trailer, song, or video people have become impatient. Now, I love technology like the next man..hey, I've had Directv since 1994 when you had to buy your equipment (I opted for the Sony receiver package)and when you had to pay your monthly bill to two different companies for your channels, Directv and USSB. I've had every gadget that was dope and ahead of its time, I've had a vcr since VHS movies cost $100 at the store to purchase and a cell phone since 1990. So I feel very qualified to talk about this topic! Anyway, the whole concept of simply downloading your movies or music and not actually buying physical product confuses me. What happens when your harddrives crash? Yeah I know your saying right now, I'll back them real, how many people actually back their shit up? I dont even do it like Im supposed to. I totally agree with the convience of downloading your product and for those people that aren't tech savy, too old and want to feel cool by having an ipod and downloading their music its ok, enjoy what this generation has to offer. I also agree with those people that are on the go on business and want to download their movies and music for the plane rides etc. But for all your young lazy kids get up and get some exercise! Now if your saying to yourself there's only one good song on so and so's album so why should I spend $15 for a cd? I agree with you %100, screw those ringtone rappers that cant put together a decent album, but in the same sentence screw Hollywood for putting out a limited amount of quality films and the rest a bunch of bullsh*t remakes. But for those things that you like and truely appreciate why not go out and buy the physical product? The only way you'll lose it is if someone steals it or it burns in a fire!

Get off the consumer treadmill and stop believing the hype!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Korean Sightseeing

Wish I could have stayed in Seoul Korea for another 2 days, there was so much to do and see. While visiting I had the opportunity to check out an area with all these temples and even the temple where the king lived.

When america goes wrong!

No matter what country I visit there is always this influence of american culture and how the rest of the world see's us. Time to change our image, or give the world something better to look at!

There's nothing 'gangsta' about this store.

Flying the friendly skies.

There's nothing, well almost nothing like flying the friendly skies with an airline thats mad comfy, the service is so on point even in coach class and the flight attendants are some model steez. I've definitly noticed a big difference in how these airlines operate and understand the importance of looking good. The very first time I flew on Virgin Airlines to my trip to London was definitly an eye opener for me, Coach Class was like First Class and First was like not leaving your mansion. But the one thing that flipped my wig was the fact that all of the flight attendants were very beutiful, modelesque females with their hair done so perfect and their uniforms pressed so crisp plus those fly British accents! Virgin understands!! Thats why they get me pick form #1 Airline to fly.

But recently I flew to Seoul Korea and and while Im waiting to board I see the similar ethics being demonstrated by Korean Air, the flight attendants were dressed so perfect, hair all in the same styles or a different style if you were one of the lead attendants and these little ribbon thingies in their hair and around their necks. Believe me, they take pride in their image and with the service that they deliver. Korean Air definitly gets my vote for #2 Airline but running a close race with Virgin. And yes, they have fly accents as well.

My third pick is a toss up Finnair (when I flew to Finland), British Airways (business class)and Continental airlines. Not much to review but still all great choices.

Back on my burger mission!

Aight so my recent trip to Seoul Korea was a very interesting and enlightening one with alot of good times. Seoul is a very dope spot with so much to see and do but you know me, I gotta find the illest burger joint! Yeah I know your saying to yourself your in Korea and should be eating the food of the country, which I did but but c'mon one burger won't kill you! So to make a long story short my quest came up short, I had one burger and it was from a spot that was very similar to Mcdonalds and even had basically the same menu. My man Dfiant wanted me to try to rice burger but thats a little out of my league, in other words.....I'll pass!