Saturday, July 5, 2008

Flying the friendly skies.

There's nothing, well almost nothing like flying the friendly skies with an airline thats mad comfy, the service is so on point even in coach class and the flight attendants are some model steez. I've definitly noticed a big difference in how these airlines operate and understand the importance of looking good. The very first time I flew on Virgin Airlines to my trip to London was definitly an eye opener for me, Coach Class was like First Class and First was like not leaving your mansion. But the one thing that flipped my wig was the fact that all of the flight attendants were very beutiful, modelesque females with their hair done so perfect and their uniforms pressed so crisp plus those fly British accents! Virgin understands!! Thats why they get me pick form #1 Airline to fly.

But recently I flew to Seoul Korea and and while Im waiting to board I see the similar ethics being demonstrated by Korean Air, the flight attendants were dressed so perfect, hair all in the same styles or a different style if you were one of the lead attendants and these little ribbon thingies in their hair and around their necks. Believe me, they take pride in their image and with the service that they deliver. Korean Air definitly gets my vote for #2 Airline but running a close race with Virgin. And yes, they have fly accents as well.

My third pick is a toss up Finnair (when I flew to Finland), British Airways (business class)and Continental airlines. Not much to review but still all great choices.

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