Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot Peas & Butta x Black Dynamite x Wax Poetics

October 24th DJ Amir and myself will be doing as special Black Dynamite OST release party edition of Hot Peas and Butta. This is not to be missed!


Some people might understand but others won't! Word to J-Zone who recently wrote a blog on his cassette tape collection and keeping it classic.

So here's what happened.

Most of you know about my Hot Peas and Butta party that I do and you also have seen the rare footage shown on the projector but most don't know that it's actually edited and put together using VHS VCR recorders. I have an insane collection of things on VHS that I'll transfer to DVD eventually but thats another topic. So I finished tape 1 of 2 that is to be used for the upcoming HPB that I'm doing with DJ Amir (Kon & Amir) for the Black Dynamite Original Soundtrack Release party on October 24th in Brooklyn. So after tape 1 is done I notice that there is an unlabeled tape laying on the floor so I put it in the deck to see what it is and then I remembered that it was a defective tape that I had and should have thrown out. Well its too late, because the fucker got stuck in the deck and I fucked up the VCR trying to get it out. I have 3 decks that I use and this was the best one, all are high end Sony decks that record stupid clear but I can't go without it. These decks have not been made in years and are hard to find, but finding a repair shop is even harder. So with one deck down and me scrambling I resorted to ebay which last year I noticed these decks all over the place, now that I need one I can't find the particular model that I'm looking for and plus the prices are sky high, I should have bought a backup when I saw them! After some research I find a few models that are comparable and better than the one I had so what do I do??? I buy 5 of them thats what the hell I did! Now I know people are looking at me like I'm crazy and maybe I am, or maybe I just don't wanna go thru this shit ever again! I called up my man Fredy Blast to tell him the deal and he thought I was crazy but this is the same cat that has a Sony Betamax in reserve for his Beta collection.

But the main purpose of this blog entry is that TV / VCR / Stereo repair shops used to be all over the place but now electronics are cheaply made that people just throw things out and buy new. I had two go to spots for repair but one closed down a few years back, the other is still going strong with the 80 year old man still doing repairs.

Damn I miss this spot!

Just got back from London doing my 4th year at the UK Bboy Championships which is always an exciting weekend over there in the UK with 5000 people always in attendance.

5000 People in attendance at Brixton Academy

You never know who your going to run into. Chillin with one of the best, Kid Dynomite! This cat is official, peep his classic 80's leather down!!! His site www.dailydiggers.blogspot.com always has the goods.

If you need the ill denim done then you need to call the UK's official guy, Tuf Tim Twist of Rock Steady Crew. This guy is legendary and has been doing things proper in this hip hop shit for years, still an ill bboy and his custom graff gear is always on point. He has the craziest collection of all the old school clothes!

Custom Tuf Tim Twist Jacket

Burgers "London Edition"

If you know me then you know Im still on my "gotta have the best burger in any state or country that I visit" so this time I visit the UK.

London is not a place where I normally get a chance to score a nice burger, it's normally the same Kebab spots (not a fan), or Mr. Jerk (which is the shit!). But this time during my stay I managed to have 3 different burgers, these were not my usual gourmet burgers but when your fiending you'll settle. First up was the bacon cheese burger that I had at the Jurys Inn Hotel restaurant when I first arrived and I have to say that it was a good burger, properly prepared, a good quality of beef and an excellent bun! It doesnt set any standards nor will it appear in my top 10 but it was worthy of a mention with out a doubt. (Sorry no pic. After a long flight who has time to take a pic of food!?)

The next burger was a doubt in my head but my man Tyrone who runs IBE and is the ambassador of the dutch hip hop scene and all around music conniseur told me about a spot when I was craving for a burger at 12am, so he introduced me to the Burger Van! Its a van that has been converted to serve hot burgers and fries and it set up right at the bus stop, plus he's open until 4am. So I oped for the 1/4lb burger but should have gotten the 1/2lb but wasn't paying attention. The burger was actually good, once again not the best but in the middle of the night who can complain, this was one of the best and most unusual late night experiences I've had at a burger spot. This sits right next to the "Dirty Burger" spot in Helsinki Finland that everyone eats after they leave the clubs at 4am.

My final burger for the weekend was Sunday night and of course everything closes early on Sundays except for the one lonely kebab spot. Here's another spot that Tyrone put me up on at 2am after we got back from the UK Champs event. Not a great burger but what really saved this was the fact that it was flamed broiled which gave it the nice grill lines plus a nice at home bbq grill taste plus the but was toasted! Word to Tyrone for making sure a brother from another mother didn't starve while I was on this trip!

Top Airlines revisited!

Im back from the UK and as always London has treated me well. I always enjoy flying Virgin Airlines into and from London's Heathrow Airport but this time there was something strangely different about my Virgin experience. Normally all of the flight attendants are beautiful tall model looking broads but this time there were average (but still appealing)and not what I was used to. Virgin has always been on the top of my list but there has been a major shift in the force! So I'm deducting 10 points because of the flight attendant issue, not because of the model status but because they all seemed to be a little angry and not as friendly as normal, it was just something the rubbed me the wrong way about it. The meals served on Virgin is still always on point, the steak is always tasty and well as the chicken but what I love most is the fact that they serve nice midnight snacks like ice cream bars and warm cookies so I'll be adding +5 points because of that. But where I always give Virgin their proper due is their inflight entertainment, they still have the largest selection of movies out of any other airlines plus their new releases are still hot off the cutting room floor which means why should I pay the $10 to see it in the theater when I know that I'm taking a Virgin flight in the near future! So I'm giving you +10 points for saving me some duckets in the long run! The flight home once again had the beautiful attendants though but still they need to be consistant!!

This months top 3 airlines for traveling across the waters.
1. Asiana (Voted top airline in 2009) and well deserved!
2. Korean Air (Right behind Asiana, with equally beautiful attendants!)
3. Virgin is running a close #3 with British Airways and US Airways International (im a gold member so they take care of me)

Nothing like an inflight beverage!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday

Well another birthday has come and gone and I still feel young! Last Friday night was my weekly residency at The Walnut Room and it just happened to be my birthday as well. Little did I know there was a surprise waiting for me, alot of my peeps came thru to enjoy champagne and cake with me as I spun the goodness. Shouts to everyone, I've got mad love for you all!!

Seoul, Korea!

I always love going to Korea and seeing some of the craziest shit.

Even though they have KFC's in Korea they still need this!

I'm still on the the quest to have the best burgers from around the world.

I've always watched kung fu flix and wanted to try eating those dough balls that the bums always tried stealing from the bakers, well I've finally had one! These steamed dough balls were stuffed with vegetables and beef!

Korean BBQ is the shit! Im sorry to all you readers that don't eat pork but damn, this was some of the best bacon ever! The pics don't do justice on how tasty it was!

Gotta get those Korean Won's!

Tomorrow City

*Another Korea update

While in Incheon Korea a few weeks ago there was a building that was connected to my hotel called Tomorrow City and it bascially had robots roaming all around. Even in the hotel there were robots that would just roam and would talk to you. It was really amazing and shows you how things could be in the future but also shows how far America is with technology.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Korea recap!

Damn it's so much that I need to write about my recent Incheon & Seoul Korea trip that its actually overwhelming. But in short lets just say that R16 was dope, Circle Prinz Korea was off the meat rack, the unscheduled club night that Rakaa from Dilated Peoples, DJ P-Trix, Dumbfounded and myself rocked called "Bunker" @ Times Square which is a club in the basement of a mall!! We arrived at like 12am to a packed house and at 1am I jumped on the tables and smashed it properly, after that I took mic control duties while DJ P-trix went thru a short and blazed them. From there I introduced Rakaa and Dumbfounded to the stage and they rocked it to the already frenzied crowd. Circle Prinz was amazing as always, I get so much love out in Korea its ridiculous. Hung out with so many people that Im starting to see alot more of these days, too many to name but you know who you are! These pics are just a few from the many that I need to sort thru so expect more in the following weeks. Sony Playstation / UK Champs next week in London, cant wait!

JohnJay and Charlie from R16 really took care of me on this trip. I had the ill room with all the trimmings and no expense spared!

My bed overlooked Incheon which is crazy because we were situated in a brand new city that was being built all around us. In 5 years this place is gonna be like Dubai!

There was like 25 buildings being put up at the same time in Incheon. (view from my bedroom)

Chillin w/ Ynot.

w/SUW (Japan)

w/ DJ Light(Japan)

w/ DJ Tee(Japan)

w/ Rakaa (Dilated Peoples)

w/ DJ P-Trix

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skeme Richards rockin on ya radiooooo.....

Just got back in from Korea and Im on the grind again. Tonight I'll be a guest for the jumpoff of "Living Proof Radio". My man DJ Ambush gave me the invite so Im accepting, expect alot of madness!

www.voltaradio.com / Thursday nights 10pm-12am est