Monday, November 25, 2013

Hit The Spot!

Excited to be returning to Japan and DJ'ing at Hit The Spot! special all nighter in Kobe.  I'll be DJing along side Taizo and Isao and of course the Fabulous Vibrations will be performing which always hit's the spot!

Mitchell & Ness "Made In USA"

Whenever possible I always try to support the mom & pop businesses of America that still hold the same quality values that they have since day one.  Recently caught this mini documentary on Dehen which is a company from Portland that makes wares for Mitchell & Ness.

MADE IN USA from Mitchell & Ness on Vimeo.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Magma Taishi Returns 2013

Returning to Japan in December for my "Magma Taishi Returns" tour and I've got a ton of events and parties that I'll be DJing at.  Most of the events that I will be playing are all vinyl Funk, Soul, Disco etc. which I love doing and really pushes me to be creative and think about what records I need to pack.
Stay tuned for a full list.

Beautiful Bunny

The first Black Bunny to become playmate of the month in Playboy Magazine and also worked at the legendary Playboy Club.  Jennifer Jackson March 1965 issue.  (Pictured with her twin sister)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Magma Taishi Returns.

Returning to Japan in December for the Skeme Richards "Magma Taishi Returns" 2013 Tour.  Stay tuned for a full list of dates and events.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mitchell & Ness

Had an amazing time Friday night playing music for the Mitchell & Ness event here in Philly.  I love being out on the road and traveling, but every once in a while it's nice to be home and working too.  Shouts to Mitchell & Ness, Philly360 and I-G Creative.

Tastes & Sites of Switzerland

Had an amazing time spending the afternoon with my fam while enjoying lunch and overlooking the lake and Swiss mountains of Thun Switzerland.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Nostalgia Co. x Nostalgia King

Yesterday afternoon I got a chance to hang out at Mitchell & Ness sporting store to talk shop, browse the incredibly authentic apparel and discuss a bit of business  They are the Nostalgia Co. and I am of course the Nostalgia King so it's only right.  But I pulled a picture from their instagram page of me shopping for varsity jackets.

Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession

Definitely excited and looking forward to the upcoming Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession book to release in a few weeks.  If your a Hip Hop head, especially growing up in the 80's and hearing some of the early production works then this hardback book is necessary for your coffee table!

Joe Mansfield has put together this 200 page work of art that features 75 machines from his personal collection and features an amazing 200 photos in total.

Streets & Boards, Bee's & Swords

Hip Hop and NYC Skate culture has always gone hand in hand, so DC Shoes x Wu Tang Clan have collaborated on a little something for the 20th Anniversary.  Streets & Boards, Bee's & Swords.  The homie Josh Kalis is featured in the video who I haven't bumped into in a while but I met in the mid 2000's when he used to come to my shop and we would always talk cars, the connection between skating / Hip Hop and travels.  Good to see that he's still on top of his game as he was then.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Hot Peas & Butta 5 Year Anniversary Recap

Last month we went on the Hot Peas & Butta Germany 3 year tour and it's been exactly one week since we celebrated the Hot Peas & Butta 5 year anniversary in Seattle with a great line up of DJs and a packed house of amazing people that came ready to sweat.  We want to thank everyone in attendance and extra special thanks to our sponsors that provided the giveaway 45 + Sticker packs, Funk Night, G.E.D. Soul Records, BridgetBarbituate and to our good friends at USnaps for providing us with the photo booth.

Next month we take it head over to Japan to celebrate our 3 year anniversary Tokyo party with a heavyweight DJ lineup.

In the meantime check out the pics from the 5 year festivities in Seattle.

Philly To The Bay, Good Times.

Definitely had a great time in the San Francisco last weekend for Renegade Rockers 30th Anniversary and of course DJing at Good Times.  The homie Fran Boogie damn sure know's how to throw a party and it was good to finally catch up with the West Coast homies Shortkut and Yo Yolie.  Proper venue, beautiful people and amazing vibe.  I always love going to The Bay because honestly, it's always a great time so I'm definitely looking forward to my return trip early in 2014.