Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Memory Of

Since today marks the passing of the greatest, I've decided to post a couple pics of some of the nostalgic pieces that I have owned since I was a kid.

Various rare Bruce Lee magazines and a flip book full of Bruce Lee lobby cards from his movies from the 70's.

We used to rock the fly brass name buckles back in the day but OG brass Bruce Lee buckle was a favorite amongst kids as well.

I've got tons more but this is just a few rare pieces.


venoms5 said...

I got two oldies, one from 1974, a martial arts movie magazine with Bruce on the cover. There's some Shaw Brothers stuff in there, Kung Fu TV show, and a piece about THE BLACK DRAGON movie.

I got another small book about Bruce and Jackie Chan from the early 80's. Lots of pics, too. Gotta dig those out!

Skeme Richards said...

Nothing like sitting on a bunch of memorabilia!