Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's all about gettin' fresh!

So my peeps from "Raw Talent Philly" ( made the trip out to NYC to check me rockin at my monthly "The Go Off" a few months back and they had a blast. After a long night of gettin it in they said that we need to do this in Philly, and after a few weeks of being on my back to make it happen I agreed to it. So we'll see if Philly is really ready for this, I surely hope so!! I'll be rockin with a couple of my favorite DJ's, Sickroc who is 1/3rd of the Go Off team and Ultraviolet since steppin on the Philly scene has been hands down the hardest worker in flippin the script in this city and making shit live!

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Second Sundae said...

This party felt like a dream sequence, no lie. People were celebrating like it was December 31st, 2999. And of course the music was extra, extra on point. Kudos to Skeme, Sickroc, and Ultraviolet.