Monday, May 26, 2008

Its in the bag!

Im wondering how many people are going to thing that Im a mad man after reading this blog but oh well thats the beauty of doing whatever the hell you want to do and not giving a sh*t! So I've always had this weird thing with the way things are packaged or the bags that you walk out the store with your item in tow. I applaud people who put as much time and thought into their bags as they do the product in which represents them, this says alot. Even the great "schwag bag" that you get from these promotional parties packed with free merch and goodies. There's nothing like walking out with free sh*t! Now I know that not everyone is going to get this blog but those that do understand what Im talking about.

Kid Robot is one company that gave thought into their product as well as bag.

Rock Paper Scissors(formally Capital 1524)is this dope sneaker spot in Seattle.
The bag is made out of heavy material w/ a draw string that can be carried on the shoulder, no cheap plastic bag sh*t here.

Ubiq in Philly has a very simple bag but has the look of a rich dark stained wood, very classy.

Now the title of this blog "Its in the bag" actually started because of the free sh*t that you get with your purchase, companies need to start throwing more of this stuff in! One such company is Philly clothing company 2one5, these guys may deliver the goods in a simple but effect brown handled bag but the extras you get with it more than more than take it over the top!

The 2on5 Bandit, this is one of there signature designs. (Sticker)

2one5's logo, do your homework if you dont know the bridge! (Sticker)

Now this is the ultimate freebie...This ziplock bag contains a refridgerator magnet, and something all graff heads would enjoy.....Widetip marker and a thinner tip for those late night tag missions.

I've got crazy bags from my man travels so I'll continue this in a part 2 I guess.

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