Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the grind

**Update (July 27th) Added a couple new dates to my schedule.

Haven't been updating as much as I would like to lately but thats because Im on my grind gearing up to make the second half of the year bananas, so they'll be plenty of updates in the very near future! Here's a quick little breakdown of where I'll be if you want to check me out.

The Walnut Room (Fridays). This party is off the chain, seriously!!
Aug. 7th - Goody! Goody! Party @ Gallery Bar - NYC***
Aug. 8th - Houston, TX
Aug. 20th - 24th Helsinki, Finland
Aug. 28th - Seoul, Korea
Sep. 4th - Las Vegas, NV
Sep. 5th - Phoenix, AZ
Sep. 10th - 13th - Netherlands
Sep. 17th - Portland, OR ***
Sep. 18th / 19th - Seattle, WA
Sep. 23rd - 28th - Seoul, Korea
Oct. 10th - 13th - London, England

There's a few other dates in between that I have to confirm but there's a short breakdown.

Plus, The Go Off! in NYC on Every 2nd Saturday of the month and The Great Expression @ Stay Lounge, every 4th Saturday have been bananas as well!


Daily Diggers said...

Hey Skeme my man my mellow, that's great news!
What and where are your plans in London in October? Where are you catching wreck man?

Maybe we should link up like a dukey gold rope?

Kid Dyno

p.s London gets cold in October, don't forget your Goosedown ;o)

Skeme Richards said...

Im actually trying to be out there for the enitre week. Im doing UK Champs Saturday and Sunday so Im trying to confirm a few other parties before that. I'll keep you updated on that!
We'll definitely link and maybe do some Daily Diggin!