Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today was a good day!

Even after a heavy night of heavy drinking and spinning at my weekly residency at The Walnut Room I still woke up this morning bright and early ready for action. Got some things around the house done including painting the dining room which I've been trying to get around to for a while. And also figuring out which pieces are coming off the walls the make way for something new to hang. While in the middle of painting I get a call from my man Junior to come thru to the Record Breakin offices to grab a copy of the test press for the new Hot Peas and Butta 45! Say no more, let me clean this paint off me and I'll be there in a Grand Master Flash! After giving it a few spins I'm satisfied with the sound quality so I guess its off to be immortalized in all that lovely black vinyl. Cant wait for the release, July 2010 so be on the lookout!


Unknown said...

good stuff

Skeme Richards said...

Thanks Kinetic. Really looking forward to this release, got some nice goodies coming along with it.

Beat Detective said...

Yo! this sounds dope skeme,keep me posted need to cop this when it drops,props BD