Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hot Peas and Butta 3yr Review Pt 4

The uniqueness in the Hot Peas and Butta brand is all about paying homage to a time and place that brings you back to when things were oh so simple. Film plays a major part in our lives as you can probably tell if you've ever been to our parties or you've the flyer designs that The Elroy Jenkins produces. So I've decided to pull up some of my favorite designs that we've used for posters,lobby cards and other collectible items. Be sure to check out the Hot Peas store on our site for prints, boxsets and other cool items.

The first of my favorite is the Bullies & Brothels party that we did with guest DJ Supreme La Rock and special pop up guest DJ who just happened to be walking down the street with a box of 45's Cosmo Baker. There were 2 posters (1 unused) and a lobby card done for the event, the unused poster was typical of the 70's one sheets in using only 2 colors. This party was our homage to old Times Square 42nd Street theaters that played Kung Fu flix and Porn.



(Lobby Card)

(Grindhouse era Double bills)

(Hot Peas and Butta 45 ft. Big Pimp Jones)

(Hot Peas and Butta in Tokyo)


venoms5 said...

Amazing designs on these, Skeme and some accomplished assimilations of exploitation movies! They def scream the 70s style. I noticed a COFFY/FOXY BROWN vibe going on there, too.

Speaking of BLACK DYNAMITE, this post makes me remember something. About seven years ago, I wrote a faux trailer for a forum contest that was giving away a trailer compilation of exploitation movies. Mine won and it was called BLACK DYNAMITE. It had everything but the kitchen sink in it. If you ever wanna read it, let me know and I'll shoot it over to you.

Skeme Richards said...

I would definitely love to check it out. And that's crazy it was called Black Dyanmite, coincidence?! But yeah, would love to read it.

venoms5 said...

I sent it to you as an attachment. I hit 'reply' as opposed to 'post a comment'. Not sure if you got it or not.