Saturday, February 20, 2010

Classic coffee table status.

I've been a fan of the Lacoste brand since the 70's, I still even possess this ill burgandy and grey sweater from 5th grade that I used to rock as often as I could. I remember in the early 80's there used to be this spot called "The Balcony" that we would hit to get all the latest gear, name belts, iron-on t's, fat laces, jeans etc. But one thing that I remember getting was the Lacoste aligator for 50 cents and then would glue it on the outside sole of my shell tops. Why they had the aligators for sale is beyond me, why I glued them to my sole? I guess it was fly for the time. Anyway, Lacoste is dropping a new book in a few weeks that highlights the brands since 1933, just like the A Bathing Ape book, Im sure my man Mikey Mcfly (photographer to the stars) would agree that this is necessary coffee table status.

It even comes in fly colors like the shirts!

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