Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Campus Livin'

Bounce out to Urbana Illinois this past weekend to spin at IL Breaks 7. My man Jenkin and his crew take really good care of me any time that I'm out there but this time was on another level. They knew that I've always wanted to stay right on campus instead of a hotel so they set me up in the Illini building suites which is where guests, speakers and others visitors stay. Its right in the center of a beautiful campus and has a dope food court in the basement of the building with none other than my favorite, Chick Fil A. In addition to that it has a bowling alley, arcade and a few other eating spots, just like a mini mall. Good looking guys, see you again next year!

"Travel lightly, clothes packed neatly" - Jungle Bros

Campus living on a sunny day.

Korean BBQ. Not as good as in Seoul but still tasty.

First Class seat on the flight home. Becks Beer and watching classic Sci-Fi, Space1999.

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