Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seattle Bound

Aight so I finally finished packing everything at 1am but still had to get up at 430am to catch my 730am flight. After 3 hours of sleep I was off to the airport and arrived with it being totally empty which is great for going thru security. Once thru I had to do my usual ritual, Chick Fil A. I kept it light this go around since I knew I would be eating on the plane.

After a little breakfast its time to board the plane, I always love getting first class on long flights. Just enough space to stretch and zone out.

Once on board its time for a quick nap before we take off then wake up just in time for breakfast and a good read. It was a pleasant surprise when I saw this add in the new issue of Wax Poetics. Word to Big Pimp Jones!

After another quick nap I decide to get into the Seattle state of mind and watch this old mini documentary of my partner Supreme.

After starring at the clouds for a sec its time for another nap before we land. Seattle here we come.

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