Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Hot Peas and Butta Xmas!

If you've ever been to a Hot Peas and Butta party then you know just how nostalgic we are with how we do our parties. From the Funk & Soul 45's to the visuals, the designing of flyers and merchandise to the atmosphere surrounding the event makes it more than just your normal dance party. So as this holiday season is among us we take it one step further to bring you into our home and show you just what a typical Hot Peas and Butta Xmas was (and still is) like for DJ's Supreme La Rock, Amir, and myself. We are the true nostalgia kings who love not only the music but everything that represented our childhood of the 70's!

Below we present to you the Top 5 toys to receive during the Funky holiday's. Sit back, re live your youth (or see what you missed if your not of age) and enjoy.

Look what Santa dropped down the chimney!

#5 Rock'em Sock'em Robots. You had to have this, puttin heads to bed!

#4 Train sets and Racetracks was a must have for kids in the 70's.

#3 GI Joe! Just like Joe, Hot Peas and Butta is the only party with Kung Fu Grip!

#2 The Atari 2600, 1977 was a great year if you got the last 2 items on this list.

#1 Star Wars figures and playsets. 1977 was a great year for toys as well as film!

All pics by Michael Beon.


CrissyB said...

Hehehe!! This is too awesome!!

venoms5 said...

Now you're talkin', Skeme! I had an Atari 2600, a 7800 and Colecovision.

I had a big Godzilla toy, too with a hand that shot off. That was 'Big G With the Kung Fu Grip' for me. I was never into GI Joe, though.

I did have every single Star Wars action figure save for 7 of them and that includes the other two films. Sadly, like my matchbox and Hotwheels cars and Masters of the Universe action figures, my brother, the destructive kid he was, tore them to pieces.

I also had a bunch of Star Wars vehicles including my favorite which was this transport thing. You could fit 6 or 9 figures on both sides, carry some in a rear compartment and it had a series of switches on top that when pressed made laser sounds and dialog from the movie characters.

Excellent post as always, Skeme.

Skeme Richards said...

Yeah the Mattel Shogun warriors Godzilla! I don't have mine anymore but that was a great toy. I'm glad I was the oldest and only boy because I got to keep everything and no destructive younger brothers. I've had almost every vehicle from the first film but never got the transport your talking about but always wanted it. Also never got the Jawa's giant vehicle, hmmm... maybe I'll track them down and buy em now!

venoms5 said...

Yeah, the JAWS toy that came with all the debris from the Orca? I forget what all it did, but I remember wanting one of those badly. I had a PLANET OF THE APES playset that I was partial to as well.

Skeme Richards said...

I feel sorry for the kids of today with the lack of quality toys and board games.

venoms5 said...

Yeah, they know not what they're missing out on with their iPods, cell phones that do EVERYTHING, Facebook and Twitter. Saturday mornings aint shit no more, either. Times are changing and not for the better.

Waxer said...

Yo Skeme I just wanted to say what's up from the UK, I'm an old school Hip Hop head myself, I run a website & radio show, my man Kid Dyno from has got a link to you from his dope site... well I grew up in the 70s in the UK, I used to buy the single Star Wars figures on their bubble cards for £1.50 each from my local shop. I still have about 30 original figures, not carded, but all with weapons/accessories.

I started to get back into collecting in the mid 90s but then kids came & that's ALL she wrote!

Love the posts you put up here, seems we have some similar memories! I had the Atari consoles, I went through a lot of old computers in the 80s too, but then vinyl don't buy itself, I started buying was around 82 (well actually before that, but it was pop & ska stuff), I mean Hip Hop & the rest is history... anyway, propd from the UK, have a great New Year, peace out...

Skeme Richards said...

Yo whats up Waxer! Thanks for checking out the site. Yeah man, growing up in the 70's era was the best, everything was at its finest. Seems most of us "old guys" have similar memories about the good old days!

darrell d said...

damn dude! you got the bullet man joint?!!! been lookin for that one for years!