Monday, December 6, 2010

The shirt says it all!

It's funny but this conversation has been coming up a lot of the last few years how everyone got a digital means of DJing and became a DJ, everyone has an expensive ass camera now and became a party photographer. I'm not mad at the fashion blogger though, thats just the new era of GQ of Esquire magazine. But yes, the game would be a lot less saturated if people had to buy vinyl or if people taking pictures actually had to buy rolls of film!

The shirt is designed by IHMDJ (I Hate My Day Job) via The Brooklyn Artist Project


Sama said...

I remember we were talking way back when about this and you said something to the effect of "if you wanna be a DJ then you have to shut yourself up in the basement for 3 years before you even think about doing a gig"

it all goes back to how the pro's put time, effort, and blood into their craft and it's not just about the equipment. A top notch photographer will take way better shots with a $8 disposable kodak than a beginner will with a $1,500 Nikon.


But to be honest, there have been some major positives to the digital switch.

Skeme Richards said...

What up Sama! I definitely agree with you. It has its positives and negatives for me. The negatives being that everyone wants to be something now that they never considered before because technology is cool. People can spend money one time and become a dj, and just download mp3's, a photographer and never buy film or have it developed. Everyone has the "hey its cool to do what i see everyone else doing now" attitude but its not a love or passion its an at the moment like. But I love technology, makes my life easier.

Sama said...

Could not have said it better myself.

Some of the best (and current) graphic designers in the world still use a letterpress even if they can just send their work off to a giant print shop. But the way I see it now, even the pro's are going (or have gone) digital.

Point still stands: if you're gonna pick up a passion, then you definitely need to dig deeper and understand your history, and actually use that "outdated" technology.

also - I'll keep an eye out for you next time you're in the bay