Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Novel Idea

There's something to be said about the DIY attitude of artists that go the extra mile to put out something that's really fresh and at times better than the big budget projects with major push.

Today I finally received in the mail a copy of Jay Potts graphic novel, World of Hurt "The Thrill Seekers" which a raw and gritty black & white blaxploitation era comic. This book has all of the key ingredients to possibly be made into volumes, it's Afros, and Kung Fu, women and guns, sex and violence plus a great storyline!

I highly recommend picking up this book before there all sold out, and if your unfamiliar with the World of Hurt be sure to check out more info on the "internets #1 Blaxploitation webcomic" at www.worldofhurtonline.com


venoms5 said...

Cool artwork on those pages, Skeme. I do like some B/W art.

Skeme Richards said...

Yeah the B&W are comes across really sharp, definitely a good look visually and a great read.