Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coffee Table Status

Its been a minute since I've done a "Coffee Table Status" and I've actually had a bunch of really good magazines over the last few months but this new Wax Poetics should definitely be on your table if your a lover of Blaxploitation cinema soundtracks and scores. The dual covers include Curtis Mayfield (Super Fly) and Ralph Bakshi's "Coonskin" (which is a great film!!). Wax Poetics has really been on a roll with the interviews and it continues on in issue 38. In addition, my man Blax (Cured Sweet Potatoes) does an incredible story on the "Greatest Hustler of All Time", Iceberg Slim!! You know that my party Hot Peas and Butta thrives on Blaxploitation films and culture of that time period so this should definitely grace your table.


Mikey McFly™ said...

Wax Poetics is a very informative magazine

Skeme Richards said...

True indeed cousin!

blax said...

I did the Ralph Bakshi, Spike Lee and Scott Sanders interviews. Didnt do the Iceberg Slim (although I wish I did). Good looks as always!!