Friday, November 13, 2009

Hot Butta'd Vinyl!

So Hot Peas and Butta's first European party went down as a success! We threw it down at my favorite spot in Laussane called Vinyl Club. This is a dope spot with a nice sound system, loungy area, giant wall projector, beautiful bar tenders and a down about the funk and soul owner! When I arrived the local DJ, Bid who spins reggae 45's was already setting up so the owner was showing me around the new renovations they did since the last time I was there. The best part of the renovations was the crazy turntable platter that sits under class in the center of the dancefloor area, and get this....It actually spins and you can change the color or it. Never seen anything like that before but it was crazy!! The night was crazy with me dropping mad funk and soul 45's and bid hitting heads with that reggae shit. Definitely doing it again next year!

(more pics and other funky shit at the new

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