Friday, August 10, 2012

Essential Catalog

As I mentioned a few weeks back, there have been alot of people of the years asking me for copies of my older mixtapes which have been long since sold out.  So to cure the need for those wanting to obtain these mixes I've decided to do a limited run of 50 each starting with 2005's Bboy Essentials vol. 1 (hosted by Ynot Rock Steady Crew).

I will release the first volume and will not release the subsequent ones until the previous ones have all been sold so if your waiting on a later edition then you need to call  your friends up and tell them to hurry up and by the others so that you can obtain the one you want.

CD's go on sale Monday Aug. 13th so pre order now since supplies are limited to 50 copies.

CD's are $15 (s/h included) / $20 outside of USA.

Paypal to:

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