Saturday, January 9, 2010

Afro Funk

There's certain people that just really understand that Hot Peas and Butta shit! If your not one of them then head on over to to get in tuned. Last night I was blessed with a gift from a person who obviously understands this lifestyle, after all he's still rocking a Sony Walkman (yeah, a tape deck), plus he's got a VHS collection with some rarities (great minds think alike) that we're gonna have to exchange notes on sometime in the future. So last night at the James Brown tribute party my man DJ Primetime comes thru and hands me a bag and says "this is from J-Zone" (google him if your not up). This guy is official! If this ain't some Hot Peas and Butta shit I dont know what is. An original 70's "Cake Cutter" afro pick still in its original packaging. Peep the caption on the top, "Strong as Dynamite".

Peep J-Zone's Blog


blax said...

That shit is legit!!


Skeme Richards said...

haha...hell yeah. You should've seen the look on my face when I saw it.

colour said...