Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Burger Questing in Cali.

This past weekend Supreme La Rock and myself went on a West Coast swing to San Francisco then L.A. to rock a few parties, while there you know I had to indulge in a tasty burger right? Well how about 3? To be honest with you, the only other meal that I had during my two days in S.F. was the BBQ ribs at Disco Volante.

First up was a tasty little burger from Bongo Burger in S.F. I don't know if it was the all day of diggin and I was extremely hungry or if it was just a good old fashion hamburger but it was good. Really good beef patti and fresh bun made this a winner!

Next up is a burger from The Big Dog in Concord, we spent the morning out diggin so I thought this would be a substitue for not finding any records on the morning dig. It was pretty much an average burger on my scale though.

Finally we have the Golden Gate burger from L.A. which was recommended by... (well lets just call him K) I don't want to put a friend on blast for taking me to get an average burger that was supposed to be on par with a Fathers Office burger. This was an ok burger pretty equal to what you would get from those a Bar/Lounge/ Restaurant that. Although it was a good quality of beef, it just wasn't seasoned properly. I'll give it another shot on my next trip just see if it was a flook but two shots and your out!

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venoms5 said...

That Bongo Burger looks simple yet delicious. The middle one doesn't look too appealing from that photo, but the bottom one looks damn decent from that photo.

We don't have too many exotic burger joints around my parts but I'm partial to the Angus burgers at Hardee's. Switching over to Angus is what saved that chain. They do hit the spot and those new Turkey Burgers under or around 500 calories are pretty damn good, too. Man, they used to carry this huge chicken sandwich drenched in a spicy BBQ sauce and topped off with ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato. I got one coming home from NY once and I coulda ate 3 of em.