Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Man of Travel

There's various positives and negatives in traveling the globe to entertain people, the negatives being away from family for periods at a time, some times not eating healthy, travel delays, plane cancellations and more. But the plus side is being able to see your friends from all over the world, digging for gems, finding that perfect burger and getting laced up with all sorts of goods (ie records, clothes, kicks and other promo items).

The Butta Bros live at The Do Over in L.A.

With the homie DJ P-Trix at Freestyle Session in L.A.

AF1 vs Pro Keds Royal Hi

SSS! Limited Edition is always nice

Seems like no matter where I travel to, the first thing people ask me is if I've had a burger.

Shouts to all my fam around the world, people that lace me with goods, and to the great burgers establishments, salute!

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venoms5 said...

Nice post, Skeme and where is that burger at from the bottom pic?