Friday, August 26, 2011

L.A. Burger Quest

Back in L.A. again this week and the first thing I had to do after getting off the plane was link up with my fam Ynot and get a burger from Umami. This was my first time eating there and I have to say, this was actually a great burger! The quality of beef, the bun, the homemade cheese and of course fries with homemade ketchup all hit the spot after a long flight.


Funk-Im said...

out of all the burgers you've eaten , which is the best. just curious.

Skeme Richards said...

Fathers Office in L.A. They use 2 types of beef so the texture, taste and quality is great, they put charmelized onions and this bacon jam on top to add extra flavor. It's not greasy but very juicy and its the perfect size to fill you with fries but not over stuffing you.

venoms5 said...

You need to write a Burger Book, Skeme, showing off all these tasty burgers from around the globe.