Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years Eve in The Alps

Well it's been an amazing year up until now and although it's coming to a close, I've got one more party that I'm really excited to be DJing which is New Years Eve in Switzerland which is really becoming like a second home to me.

So to go out with a bang and bring in 2012 on the good foot I'll be spinning an entire night in the Alps of Soul, Disco and Funk. And just to make this even more of a themed night and to fit the scenery it's strictly an all white party so that means freshly dipped from head to toe in your cleanest freshest wares!


Hector Martinez said...

Yo Skeme, your Blog is smokin' and you've got my total respect for your craft. We are both livin' in the same element. Please check out my website and feel free to drop me an email, it's dedicated to "true brothas" like you! Peace and Brotherhood!

Hector Martinez

Skeme Richards said...

Peace whats up Hector! I've been a fan of your site for a long time, love the collections and pics. Always great to link up with others that share the same passions for collecting especially of the Master himself, Bruce Lee! Thanks for stopping by!