Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rolling Tape

Woke up this morning feeling really motivated with a new outlook on many things and focused on 2012 and beyond. I've been trying to plan a new mixtape for a while now and if you've been checking out the Official DJ Skeme Richards Fan Page on Facebook then you'll know I asked people to post pics of them with their boomboxes.

So today I finally got up to head out to the Armands which is one of the last remaining classic records in Philly. When I say record stores I don't mean digging spots, I mean how it used to be where you could buy records, needles, speaker cabinets, woofers and tweeters to build your own speakers, lighting and more. This spot has been in existence way before the days of Sam Ash and Guitar center!

So now the project begins, I finally grabbed about 20 blank cassette tapes which I'll be using for the mixtape giveaway. Stay tuned!


Funk-Im said...

I remembered Armand records, theres also Funk-o-mart.

Skeme Richards said...

Funk-o-mart is where I bought my first turntables and mixer! And I mean the original store that was like on 14th & market.

cramske said...

NICE!! Me and the Homie B-ski Rocks made some mixtapes on the 20 minute per side blanks and taped them to street signs and poles around town for peeps to take. Like an easter egg hunt for tapes. We are "TheTapeFiends!!" You should be a member.