Sunday, December 4, 2011

Puttin' Up High Scores

Even though I own a few arcade and pinball machines I miss the days of dark and loud 80's arcades, slapping a quarter down on a machine to symbolize that you've got next and just the overall surroundings of people enjoying the atmosphere. Yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening hanging out at Barcade with my homie New Hampshire Dan who happens to be one of my few friends that aren't in the music industry (but has great taste in music). It's not often that I get to kick it with Dan and since we're the same age we have the same memories of growing up and enjoy the same things, two being fine beers and 80's Arcade games so this was a perfect outing.

So we hung out at Barcade which is a new spot in Philly that is a Bar & Arcade listening to loud 80's rock, drinking beers and setting high scores.


Funk-Im said...

I Love The Arcades,Back in the day,I grew up with the late 80's and early 90's arcades,I like the dark Atmosphere and the lighting of the arcades.

Skeme Richards said...

Yeah definitely have some fond memories of the 80's!

The ILL Doc said...

Just don't forget who's holdin the Ms. Pacman high score at Fiesta here in SW!!! His name rhymes with Schmustapher Schmonz!!!