Thursday, December 22, 2011

Watch The Birdie

Had a great night this past week in New York City while DJing the Official Book Release Party for the homie J-Zone. A great crowd in attendance on a Tuesday night with a who's who of DJ's, Producers and MC's and party people. Shout outs especially to Prince Paul, Danger Mouse, Edan, my partner on the decks KJ Butta, The Elroy Jenkins for making it jump off and to J-Zone for asking us to be down with it.

But super extra credit goes to my homie Mr. Beon for rocking photos of the night using strictly a Polaroid camera! Yes he's got the latest Canon 7 deez nuts and all the new technology but sometimes you want that classic analog feel for such an analog party as J-Zone would say. No photoshop or editing just capturing the moment in the raw. Check out his sites. and

Pimps still don't pay taxes!

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Cramske said...

Yeah Edan! ha.. Thats funtimes Skeme! Knock em out..