Monday, December 21, 2009

L.A. L.A.

Well right about now I have a little bit of time to update the blog about the beginning of the Hot Peas and Butta x Funky Sole trip to Los Angeles. First let me say that I got out of Philly just in time! It started snowing about an hour before I left to go to the airport and we were in for a major storm. So after boarding the plane @ 800am we sat on the gate, de-icing station and runway for a total of 3 hours waiting for depart which sucks. They even shut the airport down for 15 mins due to low visibility which really had me scared that I would miss my own party. Amir had already arrived in L.A. and Lance was leaving from Newark at 830 so I needed to be on route quick. So after the 3 hour delay we finally got the green light to takeoff, this is one time that I really didn't want to get delayed because after our flight and the other few planes that had already boarded had taken off the airport was shut down and no others were allowed to leave.

The only things that saved me from really going insane on the plane was the fact that I was sitting in first class, gotta love the service! And watching Bruce Lee's Chinese Connection and also a bunch of Kung Fu flix trailers, this really got me into the Hot Peas state of mind!

Classic viewing for those long flights!

I dont usually drink in the morning but my nerves really needed it. Keep'em coming lady!

I'll update pics from the party once I get back to snowy Philly!

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Mr Sonny James said...

hell yeah! LA I miss it!