Thursday, December 31, 2009

Peace and I'm audi.....

It's been a long year (yet it seemed to move really fast) so while Im sitting hear watching the Three Stooges marathon I decided to write my final words of 2009. '09 was definitely a great year and I want to start by saying thanks to everyone that showed mad love and support for everything Skeme Richards, Hot Peas and Butta and more. Love to all of the promotors that have booked me worldwide and to the people that have enjoyed the music that I spun. To all of my old friends and the new ones alike, thank you for the support! Im gonna keep it fresh in 2010 as well, theres alot of things going on so expect to see and hear alot from me!

Catch you on the flip side!!

Skeme Richards
Sesion31 / Rock Steady Crew
Kingz Destroy

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