Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UK Television

Back in the summer I was interviewed while rolling thru New York city for UK Bboy Championships TV which is shown in London and other parts of Europe on one of their action sports network channels that shows extreme sports. The show aired back in October and will repeat itself once all of the seasons episodes are finished. You can peep the show online right now, my segment is at 8:30 if you wanna breeze thru to see how I get down at Big City Records. Shouts to Jared for letting me spend a few hours in there with the camera crew. It's episode 1 that you should be looking at.


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Daily Diggers said...

yes brother, that epsiode aired on CH4 here in London the morning after we hooked up at the SONY champs.
I was like damn, that's Skeme again but this time on my TV!!

Props to you mang. The rep gets bigger!

Ya boy in London....

Kid Dyno