Friday, December 11, 2009

Philly Graff! 1982

Shouts to my man Sake in San Diego for the link! I remember all of these walls from back in the days.


Mikey McFly™ said...

Philly... gotta love it

Saratoga Sake said...

shit i want to see flicks..if ya got em.

im going to try and make it up on the 18th.

Skeme Richards said...

Sake if you dont make it out to Philly I'll probably be swinging thru SD in January as well so I can bring them with me.


Phill Most AKA THE SOULMAN said...

WOW... I remember those pieces too, rolling into 30th Station when I was coming back and forth from NYC, back when I first came to Philly in the early 80's. The Estro with the baby attached by umbilical cord, the Mr. Blint joint... man, that stuff is really taking me back! Never thought I'd see any of that again. I think I have pictures of the Jay-Cee piece... gotta look through my photo books again.