Monday, December 21, 2009

Still in L.A.

So my Cali trip was supposed to be quick, fly in Saturday morn then fly out Sunday morn. We'll I guess that didn't happen because Im still (stuck?) here. My flight back to the 215 was cancelled due to the plane being snowed in at Philly airport. I arrived to LAX at 5:30am and this place was a madhouse due to the East Coast weather conditions screwing everything. So after being put on standby and not being able to make the last 2 planes I asked what are my options (remember its Sunday) they tell me that my only option is the first flight out on Tuesday morning?! What?! Weather x Holiday travels have really screwed things up! Well its either be pissed or call my homie Mixxie up and tell him to scoop me from the airport so L.A. I'm here to stay (at least for a few days). But wait, my luggage is on the flight that I was scheduled to get on and on its way back to Philly without me, oh well guess I gotta do some shopping while Im here to. So after heading back to Mixxies crib we decided to make good on the "what if I didnt get back to Phillly convo that we had the day before which was to have a barbeque. What the hell, nice smoked ribs and chicken or snow? I'll take option 1! His homie Patrick which which studied culinary for years broke out the smokers, made the special rubs, black beans, asparagas and assorted beers on deck (because these guys are beer connesieurs) and after 4 hours of the meat being smoked it was on! Well worth sitting in the airport for 1/2 a day.

Back at home, the crib, the car.

Who needs snow when you can be in L.A. having smoked ribs and chicken on the back deck?

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